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15 DIY Easy Macrame Wall Hangings for Beginners

15 DIY Easy Macrame Wall Hangings for Beginners - Macrame for Beginners

Want to make your Macrame own wall hanging? Piece of cake! You only need to know the basic knots to create your own Macrame masterpiece. Check out these 15 DIY Easy Macrame Wall Hangings for Beginners to get started today!

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DIY Easy Macrame Wall Hanging

When it comes to picking a design for your Macrame wall hanging, the sky really is the limit. Even when you’re just a beginner, there are plenty of easy patterns to start with that still look amazing. Amaze all your friends, and decorate your home with beautiful Macrame wall hangings!

How to Make a Macrame Wall Hanging?

Making a Macrame wall hanging is a lot easier than you might think. You only need to know the 3 basic Macrame knots to make your masterpiece:

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Macrame Supplies – Dowels

To make a Macrame wall hanging, you will need a dowel to attach your cords. This can be a simple wooden branch you found in your garden, a piece of driftwood you brought home from the beach, or a plain wooden stick from a DIY store.

If you have trouble finding a suitable dowel for your Macrame wall hanging, you can easily order them on Etsy. Here are my favorite finds:

Plain wooden dowel
Copper Dowel

Macrame Supplies – Cords

If you’re looking for gorgeous colorful Macrame cords, I recommend Bobbiny. Their eco-friendly and recycled Macrame cords are super fun to work with and will make all your Macrame wall hangings look absolutely stunning.

Bobbiny Cord - Macrame Cords by Bobbiny - Macrame for Beginners

For larger wall hangings, I recommend using 3-Ply cords, but what cords you use for your project also depends on the tutorial you’re following. You can usually find this information in the video description on YouTube.

TIP: If you’re using 3-Ply Macrame rope to create your piece, make sure to tape the ends of the cords to prevent unraveling.

There are plenty of Macrame cord stockists that sell Bobbiny cords in different colors in their online shop. You can check our handy guide for the best local online cord suppliers near you.

Also Read: My Top 15 Colorful Bobbiny Cords

Macrame Workstation – Tools

When working on bigger Macrame projects, I recommend setting up a proper Macrame workspace.

When it comes to tools, I recommend getting a good pair of sharp scissors and a tape measure.

You can read our best tips to build your very own Macrame workstation in this Macrame workstation guide we’ve made for beginners!

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New to Macrame?

Are you new to Macrame? No worries, it’s very easy to learn! Check out my Macrame for Beginners Guides to quickly master the basics and discover all my best Macrame beginner tips.

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15 DIY Easy Macrame Wall Hangings for Beginners - Macrame For Beginners

#1 Macrame Wall Hanging for Beginners

Start off easy with this gorgeous knot pattern designed by talented Macrame teacher Chasta from Soulful Notions!

YouTube video

#2 Easy DIY Rainbow Wall Hanging

This cute Macrame Rainbow / Semicircle wall hanging is super easy to make and only uses the square knot. Make sure to subscribe to the Macrame for Beginners YouTube channel for more fun beginner tutorials!

YouTube video

Join the Macrame for Beginners Facebook Group!

Therefore I’ve created the Macrame for Beginners Facebook Group: a safe place where you can learn new knots & patterns, ask all your questions, and share your latest creations with our lovely & positive Macrame community. Come and join us; we’re happy to help you out!

#3 Modern Macrame Wall Hanging

This masterpiece by Soulful Notions can be a bit of a challenge for beginners, but it’s the perfect wall hanging to perfect your square knots and double half hitch. Simply follow the step-by-step instructions in this great tutorial to get started!

YouTube video

#4 Easy Macrame Wall Hanging for Beginners

Practice your Square Knots and learn how to make this easy Macrame wall hanging. This piece will look so amazing on your wall!

YouTube video

Shop my favorite Macrame cords

Wondering where to buy affordable, high-quality Macrame cords to create your first project? These recycled Bobbiny cotton cords are my all-time favorite!

Not only are they silky soft, eco-friendly, and perfect for beginners, but they also come in many different sizes and trendy seasonal colors. Find your LOCAL Bobbiny cord supplier to save on shipping costs!

Find the best Macrame cords for your project

#5 XL Layered Macrame Wall Hanging

Create a fun layered Macrame wall hanging with this easy-to-follow tutorial by Sasha Macramessage, and practice your double half hitch knots!

YouTube video

#6 DIY Macrame Berry Knot Heart

Make your own Macrame Heart and add some cute colors to your wall! This cute piece by Soulful Notions looks amazing in a nursery and makes for a great gift!

YouTube video

More Easy DIY Macrame Projects for Beginners

#7 DIY Layered Macrame Wall Hanging

Layer your work and create a gorgeous wall hanging to add cute boho vibes to your home. This piece by Create with Jen is perfect for beginners and comes with clear and easy-to-follow instructions.

YouTube video

#8 DIY Macrame Wall Hanging

This cute and easy Macrame wall hanging is perfect for a rainy afternoon craft session. Grab some wood from your backyard, make a big cup of tea, and let’s start knotting!

YouTube video

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#9 Macrame Easy Wall Hanging with Fringe

Looking to make a piece with a gorgeous fringe? This tutorial will show you exactly how to make yours straight and perfectly fluffy!

YouTube video

#10 Easy BOHO Macrame Wall Hanging

Are you ready for a bigger and more challenging piece? Then maybe this might be the one! Learn how to create a beautiful boho-layered wall piece with this free tutorial by Let Be.

YouTube video

#11 Colorful DIY Macrame Wall Hanging

Add a pop of color to your Macrame wall hanging and turn your masterpiece into a Macraweave! Create with Jenn will show you exactly how to make yours in this easy video tutorial.

YouTube video

#12 Semi-Circle Easy Macrame Wall Hanging

Are you practicing the beginner Macrame knots? Then this is the perfect piece for you! Learn how to make this cute semi-circle wall hanging, and make sure to check out more of the amazing free patterns by Soulful Notions.

YouTube video

More Easy DIY Macrame Projects for Beginners

#13 Modern Macrame Wall Hanging

Need some inspiration for projects to make with your golden hoops? This cute little project is super beginner-friendly and looks very sophisticated on your wall! Looking for golden hoops? Check my guide for the best options!

YouTube video

#14 BOHO Macrame Wall Hanging with Tassels and Beads

Learn how to incorporate tassels and beads into your Macrame wall hangings. This cute little boho piece is great for beginners and really brightens up your living space!

YouTube video

#15 Boho Macrame Wall Hanging

This pretty Macrame wall hanging by Soulful Notions teaches you a lot of different knots, so you can easily improve your techniques.

YouTube video

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15 DIY Easy Macrame Wall Hangings for Beginners - Macrame For Beginners

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