Product Review: Bobbiny Macrame Cords – Amazingly Soft & Perfect for Beginners

High-Quality Macrame Cords

In the last few weeks, I had the pleasure to create my Macrame projects with Bobbiny cords and I LOVED it!

The eco-friendly material is silky soft on your fingers, firm and durable and looks gorgeous in all your macrame pieces: from hanging planters to wall hangings and earrings!

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Bobbiny Macrame Cords

When you’re looking for high-quality and eco-friendly Macrame cords, Bobbiny should be on top of your shopping list.

Bobbiny is operated by wife and husband Aleksandra and Tomasz from Warsaw, Poland. Their small and cozy factory uses no water, dyes, or toxic chemicals in the process of production, and the company continuously works on saving energy and reducing CO2 emissions.

Whether you’re based in the U.S., Australia or Europe, Bobbiny ships your order super fast! You can also check this handy list of local Bobbiny suppliers to save on shipping costs!


High-Quality Macrame Cords

Not only are Bobbiny’s cords silky soft on your fingers but they’re also very easy to work with, which makes them perfect for beginners!

You can choose from the following types of cords:

Single Twist Cords: For the Single Twist Cords the soft cotton fibers are twisted together into three sizes of cords that are easy to brush out into a gorgeous fringe. Available in 1.5 mm, 3mm, and 5mm.

Triple Twist Ropes (3-ply): The Triple Twist Ropes are made by combining three separate single-twisted parts into a spiral. This firm but soft structure is a real joy to work with. Available in 3mm and 5mm.

Braided Cords: Bobbiny’s Braided Cotton Cords are soft, flexible and the perfect alternative for t-shirt yarn. 
Available in 3mm, 5mm, and 9mm.

Trendy Fall Colors

Bobbiny cords come in many gorgeous trendy colors. Pick your favorite ones and start dreaming of all the amazing projects you can create with them! 





Made with Bobbiny

Festive Metallic Cords

Make your Christmas Decorations extra festive this year with 4 different colors of beautiful metallic Macrame cords! Will you go for Champagne, Silver, Gold, or Copper?

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