Looking for some cute and fresh new Macrame cords for your Summer projects? Then you’ll love the new shades Strawberry, Marble, Mojito, Frappe, and Sunflower from the new Summer 2021 Bobbiny Cord Collection!

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Bobbiny Summer Collection

For this lovely Summer collection, Bobbiny has mixed up its best colors to create a new fun shade of Macrame cords.

For example, the new Strawberry shade is created by combining their colors Blush and Natural. I especially love the projects shown below, where all 3 colors are mixed together for a unique look.

The New Bobbiny Summer 2021 Macrame Cord Collection

Summer Macrame Projects

From keychains and cute bracelets to handy planters, these new Macrame cords look amazing in all your Summer projects! What will you make with these fun new colors? Share your pretty creations in our Macrame for Beginners Facebook Group!

The New Bobbiny Summer 2021 Macrame Cord Collection

Bobbiny Cord Types

The new gorgeous shades from the Bobbiny Summer Collection are available as single twist cords and braided cords, in all sizes. Choose from:

  • Single Twist Cords – Available in 1.5mm, 3mm, and 5mm
  • Braided Cords – Available in 3mm, 5mm, and 9mm

Where to buy Bobbiny cords?

Bobbiny ships worldwide via their website and Etsy Store but you can also find great local Bobbiny cord stockists near you to save on shipping costs and delivery time.

Check this handy list I’ve created with the best online local Bobbiny cord stockists to order your favorite colors today!

Bobbiny Summer Shades

There are 5 new amazing shades to choose from! Discover them all:

The New Bobbiny Summer 2021 Macrame Cord Collection


Strawberry was created as a combination of Blush and Natural. It gives a tasty strawberry smoothie effect that is hard to resist!

The New Bobbiny Summer 2021 Macrame Cord Collection - Strawberry


Marble is an elegant combination of Silver and Natural. The universal, cool shade of this string will fit perfectly into your interior. 

The New Bobbiny Summer 2021 Macrame Cord Collection - Marble


Mojito is a fresh mix of Eucalyptus Green and Natural. Working with this cord feels as refreshing as when sipping a famous drink. 

The New Bobbiny Summer 2021 Macrame Cord Collection - Mojito


Frappe was created by combining Sand and Natural. When you look at it, the refreshing coffee drink immediately comes to mind.

The New Bobbiny Summer 2021 Macrame Cord Collection - Frappe


Sunflower is a combination of Mustard and Natural. This mixture gives everyone a dose of positive energy from the very first moment.

The New Bobbiny Summer 2021 Macrame Cord Collection - Sunflower

Sustainable Macrame cords

Bobbiny is operated by wife and husband Aleksandra and Tomasz from their small factory in Warsaw, Poland.

Bobbiny cords are eco-friendlysustainable and 100% made of recycled cotton. Most importantly, they don’t use dye, water, or toxic chemicals in their production process.

The New Bobbiny Summer 2021 Macrame Cord Collection

Even the inner spools are made out of recycled paper which makes them completely biodegradable. How about that for sustainable Macrame cords!?

All Bobbiny Macrame cords are tested according to OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100, which means they’re completely safe to use for all your super cute Macrame baby and toddler projects.

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