Need some extra space to showcase your beautiful Tillandsia plants? Then these 10 free Macrame Air Plant Hanger Patterns are just what you need. Discover them all and get started!

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DIY Macrame Air Plant Hanger Patterns

Learn how to make 10 different Macrame Air Plant Hangers and decorate your home with even more tillandsias! Which one will you make first?

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Double Macrame Air Plant Hanger

This perfect double Macrame Air Plant Hanger by Fibers of Mine looks gorgeous on your wall and can be customized by adding different colors! How many will you make?

Macrame Air Plant Holder

This gorgeous Macrame Air Plant Holder by Bochiknot looks stunning and only uses 5 simple knots to make! What are you waiting for?

Easy Macrame Tillandsia Hanger

Macrame Air Plant Hanger with Rings

How handy is this?! Make plenty of room for your Tillandsia plants with this genius solution and use your wooden rings!

Triple Macrame Air Plant Hanger Pattern

Do you need a lot of extra storage space for all your air plants? Then this 3-tier Macrame Pod Hanger by Bochiknot is just perfect!

Macrame Air Plant Hanging

Simple Macrame Air Plant Hanger Pattern

This cute DIY Air Plant Hanger by Simply Inspired is super easy and fast to make. Follow the beginner-friendly tutorial to get started!

Macrame Air Plant Hanger Pod

So soft and so cute! This Air Plant Pod by Gray Wonders is super easy to make and fits all your small plants. Which color will you make this in?

DIY Macrame Air Plant and Succulent Hanger

Macrame Air Plant Hanger Nest

Create a cozy nest for your air plants with this Air Plant Hanger pattern by Macrame School. Such a fun project to get creative with!

Macrame Air Plant Terrarium

More DIY Macrame Plant Hangers

Learn how to make your own Macrame plant hanger and let me show you the best supplies and patterns in this Complete Guide on How to Make a Macrame Plant Hanger!

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