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10 Gorgeous Easy Macrame Plant Hangers for Beginners by Soulful Notions

10 Gorgeous Easy Macrame Plant Hangers for Beginners by Soulful Notions - Macrame for Beginners

Do you need more space to display your lovely plants? Then these 10 beginner-friendly easy Macrame plant hanger tutorials by talented teacher Soulful Notions are just what you need!

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Easy Macrame Plant Hangers

Making your own Macrame plant hanger is super fun and they’re the perfect project for Macrame beginners. Soulful Notions’ tutorials are super easy to follow and her step-by-step instructions are just what every beginner needs!

10 Gorgeous Easy Macrame Plant Hangers for Beginners by Soulful Notions - Macrame for Beginners

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Chasta from Soulful Notions is one of our talented Featured Macrame Teachers and we’ve worked on many awesome blog posts together.

Whether you’re looking for an easy Macrame wall hanging, Christmas decorations, or simple keychain tutorials, Soulful Notions’ got you covered!

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Happy Knotting Macrame Patterns

My patterns are specifically designed for beginners and include step-by-step photos, written instructions, and a handy Knot Guide!

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Easy Macrame Plant Hanger Patterns

We’ve collected ten fun Macrame plant hangers that every plant mum will love! Turn your lovely home into an urban jungle, or give them as cute handmade gifts to your friends and family.

Two of the patterns are a bit more intermediate, but with Chasta’s clear instructions and some practice, they’re still very doable for beginners.

Plus, it’s always good to challenge yourself, learn new knots, and advance your knotting skills.

We would love to see your pretty creations, so make sure to join our Macrame for Beginners Facebook Group and share your beautiful plant hangers with us.

Macrame Plant Hanger Supplies

For most plant hangers, you’ll need a simple wooden ring that you can buy on either Amazon or Etsy.

For gorgeous and colorful Macrame cords, you can check out Soulful Notions’ wonderful Etsy Store.

When you’re based outside the US or Canada, you can also find great local online Macrame cord suppliers in this handy guide we made. These cord stockists are all recommended by our Facebook Group members, so you can be sure of their quality!

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10 Gorgeous Easy Macrame Plant Hangers for Beginners by Soulful Notions - Macrame for Beginners

Easy Macrame Plant Hanger Tutorials

Are you ready to get creative? Here are 10 lovely Macrame plant hangers by Soulful Notions to get started with. Enjoy!

#1 DIY Easy Macrame Plant Hanger

This beautiful Macrame plant hanger is super easy to make and looks amazing with both colorful or white Macrame 3-ply cords. Try this fun pattern now and follow the step-by-step video tutorial to make yours!

YouTube video

#2 Intermediate Macrame Plant Hanger

When you’re ready to take your Macrame skills to the next level, try this amazing intermediate Macrame plant hanger by Soulful Notions. Isn’t this the best plant hanger pattern you’ve ever seen? We LOVE it!

YouTube video

#3 Easy DIY Macrame Plant Hanger for Beginners

When you’re looking for a quick and easy project, this easy Macrame plant hanger is just what you need. Watch this excellent video tutorial for beginners and learn how to make this pretty plant hanger yourself!

YouTube video
Easy Macrame Earrings Tutorial March Monthly Macrame Challenge


Have you always wanted to learn how to make super cute Macrame earrings?

This easy pattern is perfect for beginners and includes step-by-step photos and written instructions. I can’t wait to see your pretty designs!

#4 DIY Macrame Pods

Although it’s not your traditional Macrame plant hanger, this cute pod will work perfectly for your air plants or smaller plants. Follow this easy beginner-friendly tutorial by Soulful Notions to knot this cutie!

YouTube video

#5Easy DIY Macrame Plant Hanger

We love this easy Macrame plant hanger tutorial for beginners! Grab your cords and favorite plant pot, and get creative with this fun DIY pattern!

YouTube video

#6 Macrame Hanging Plant Basket

Who doesn’t love a cute, romantic Macrame plant hanger with berry knots? This Macrame plant basket will look amazing on your patio, and we can’t wait to see yours!

YouTube video

#7 DIY Hanging Macrame Basket

Are you looking for a hanging Macrame basket to store some of your amazing pots and plants? Then this is the project for you!

YouTube video

#8 Easy Macrame Plant Wall Hanger

If you’re searching for an easy Macrame plant hanger that you can hang on your wall, this wall-hanging planter is perfect. Super easy to make and a super fun project for beginners!

YouTube video

#9 Macrame Spiral Plant Hanger

This beautiful spiral plant hanger is one of our favorite projects by Soulful Notions. Practice your double half hitch knots and follow the step-by-step instructions in this awesome video to make one yourself!

YouTube video

#10 10-Minute Macrame Plant Hanger

Last but not least, this cute and super easy 10-minute Macrame plant hanger with a little twist is perfect for beginners. We can’t wait to see yours!

YouTube video

#11 Macrame Easy Wall Plant Hanger

This pretty geometric design is perfect when you’re looking for a Macrame plant hanger you can hang on your wall. Now you have even more options to decorate your home with plants, yay!

YouTube video

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10 Gorgeous Easy Macrame Plant Hangers for Beginners by Soulful Notions - Macrame for Beginners

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