Soulful Notions is one of my all-time favorite YouTube Macrame teachers with some of the best online Macrame tutorials. Her calming voice and easy approach to learning new knots and patterns are perfect for beginners. I can’t wait to show you all the gorgeous things she can teach you how to make!

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About Soulful Notions

Looking for a skilled Macrame teacher and some gorgeous free Macrame patterns? Soulful Notions has got you covered! Run by self-taught and talented fiber artist Chasta from Vancouver, Canada, this Youtube creator shows some real skill and creativity with her gorgeous Macrame tutorials.

Luckily, I had the chance to talk to Chasta and ask her about her journey to becoming such a great macrame teacher.

What was your process in becoming a Macrame artist?
I got into Macrame as a child when I was about 7 or 8 and loved making bracelets, jewelry, and bookmarks. I stopped when I was around sixteen but picked it back up about 5 years ago. I was looking at Pinterest for some Summer crafting projects to do with my 5-year old daughter Belle, when I found some cute little weavings on sticks we could make together. We loved it and from there on we began making our own looms on old picture frames and started weaving.

Soulful Notions Macrame Fiber Artist - Macrame Tutorials for Beginners

When I wanted to add more detail and knots to our weavings, I decided to add some of the Macrame knots I remembered from my childhood. I watched one Youtube video that taught me the 3 basic Macrame knots and from that day forward I literally couldn’t stop knotting if I tried. After that, I switched from making small DIY projects to creating my own Macrame wall hangings and have knotted many different projects since then.

Where did you learn to make such cute Macrame projects?
I’ve actually never followed a pattern or tutorial, other than that 1 Youtube video I watched, so I’m completely self-taught. Often I’m not even sure if my tutorials are the “right way” of doing things, but it’s how I do it and it works for me! I’m happy that my followers and subscribers let me know the proper names of the knots and patterns I create.

Do you have any tips or advice for aspiring Macrame makers?
My best advice would be to practice…LOTS, and to make peace with untying knots. It’s also important to find your own style. Use tutorials for guidance but try to make them your own and never be scared to take chances with your creative ideas. Be true to yourself and make what YOU enjoy making, not what other people want to see from you. Always allow yourself the freedom of expression through your art and most of all: enjoy the process!

Are you ready to get inspired? All of Soulful Notions’ video tutorials come with the correct measurements (both Imperial and Metric) included. Keep scrolling to discover her best Macrame tutorials and get started right away!

Make sure to check out Soulful Notion’s Online store for colorful Macrame cords and follow Chasta on YouTubeFacebook, and Instagram to never miss out on any new fun Macrame tutorials!

Soulful Notions Macrame Fiber Artist - Macrame Tutorials for Beginners

Macrame Tutorials for Beginners

Just like Chasta from Soulful Notions has shown us, Youtube is the perfect tool for learning how to Macrame. With the ability to pause and rewind instructions, not only can you learn Macrame at your own pace but also for free!

New to Macrame? Check out my Macrame for Beginners Guide to quickly master the basic knots and discover all my best Macrame beginner tips. I’ve also created a Macrame Supplies Guide with all my favorite brands for high-quality cords to make your projects look even more amazing!

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Top 10 Most Gorgeous DIY Macrame Tutorials by Soulful Notions

#1 Easy Berry Knot Macrame Heart

#2 DIY Macrame Rainbow Coaster

#3 Cute Pink Macrame Purse

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Macrame T-Shirt Macrame Mug Women Man Quote Knotty 2 - Macrame for Beginners

#4 DIY Macrame Plant Hanger

#5 30 Minute Macrame Wall Hanging

More Easy DIY Macrame Projects for Beginners

#6 Easy Macrame Bag Tutorial

#7 DIY Macrame Pods

#8 Easy DIY Macrame Keychain

#9 Macrame Tutorial Mail Holder

#10 Macrame Spiral Plant Hanger

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Top 10 Most Gorgeous Free DIY Macrame Tutorials by Soulful Notions

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