Macrame Tools and Supplies - Macrame for Beginners

MacramE Tools & Supplies

Discover my favorite handy Macrame tools for beginners, where to buy all your project supplies, and how to set up the perfect Macrame workstation!


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Fiskars Razor Edge Scissors - Macrame for Beginners

Sharp Scissors

Sharp scissors are a must when you start with Macrame!

Fiskars Rotary Cutter - Macrame for Beginners

Rotary Cutter

Cut your feathers and fringe with ease and use a rotary cutter!

HERTZKO Pet Brush - Macrame for Beginners

Pet Brush

Comb out your fringes faster with this handy pet brush!

How to estimate Macrame cord length - Basic tips for beginners

Build your macrame workstation + handy tools

Learn how to set up the perfect Macrame workstation for both big and small projects and discover my 10 favorite handy tools!


Learn how to make all the popular Macrame projects and discover which supplies to buy for your wall hanging, plant hanger, and bags!

Macrame Project Guide- How to Make a Macrame Plant Hanger - Macrame for Beginners


Did you know Etsy is a great resource for all your Macrame supplies and lets you support local small businesses? Click the (affiliate) links below to browse!

Where to Buy Macrame Wooden Rings - Macrame for Beginners


Find the best local suppliers for small and large wooden or metal Macrame rings!

Where to Buy Macrame Dowels - Macrame for Beginners


Find the best local suppliers for dowels made from plain wood, metal, and driftwood!

Where to Buy Macrame Shapes - Macrame for Beginners


Find the best local suppliers for metal shapes like stars, circles, squares, and moons!

Favorite Macrame Books for Beginners and Beyond - Macrame for Beginners


Discover my Top 10 best Macrame books for beginners and beyond and learn how to make unique wall hangings, plant hangers, and other gorgeous home decor projects!

Where to buy Macrame Cords locally

I gathered the community’s favorite cord brands & online local suppliers in one easy guide so you can save big on shipping costs!

Where to buy Macrame cords - Local and Worldwide suppliers
How to get started with Macrame - Main Guide for Beginners

New to macrame? no worries!

Did you know most gorgeous Macrame projects you see online are created with just the 3 basic knots?

Discover my Macrame for Beginners Guides and let me teach you all the basics to help you get started with Macrame without feeling overwhelmed!

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