Meet Your Macrame Teacher

Macrame for Beginners has teamed up with some of the best YouTube Macrame teachers. Discover their wonderful step-by-step tutorials and get started with your own projects!

Soulful Notions

Habit Made

Vanir Creations

Soulful Notions

Chasta Perry from YouTube channel Soulful Notions is the best Macrame teacher to teach you how to make your own gorgeous home decor!

If you love modern and minimal pieces, make sure to check out her easy step-by-step tutorials, all perfect for beginners. Follow Soulful Notions here:


Colloborations with Soulful Notions

Habit Made

Dan Soliman from YouTube channel Habit Made is your girl when you’re looking to make beautiful bags, wall hangings, and cute home decor projects!

Dan loves teaching and her easy to follow tutorials are everything a beginner can wish for. Follow Habit Made here:


Colloborations with Habit Made

Vanir Creations

If you enjoy making Macrame dreamcatchers and wall hangings, you’ll love Rebecca’s YouTube channel Vanir Creations!

Rebecca’s fun tutorials are super easy to follow and teach you how to make your own dreamy Macrame decor. Follow Vanir Creations here:

Colloborations with Vanir Creations

Learn how to Macrame

New to Macrame? No worries, it’s actually really easy to learn! Start here to quickly master the basic knots and discover all my best Macrame beginner tips.

 All Beginner Guides

Dive right in with all my easy step-by-step guides for Macrame beginners!

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