One of the easiest Macrame projects to get started with is a plant hanger. Decorate your house on a budget with 16 easy DIY Macrame plant hangers for beginners!

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Easy DIY Macrame Plant Hangers

The first thing I made once I figured out the basic Macrame knots, was a plant hanger. It took me a while and it didn’t look amazing but once it dangled from the ceiling, I couldn’t feel more proud of my handmade creation. Learn how to make your own Macrame Plant Hanger today!

How to Make a Macrame Plant Hanger?

New to Macrame? No worries, it’s actually very easy to learn! Check out my Macrame for Beginners Guide to quickly master the basic knots and discover all my best Macrame beginner tips.

Wondering which Macrame cords are best for beginners? Let me show you where to buy the best silky soft and eco-friendly Macrame cords in every color of the rainbow!

I’ve also created a Macrame Supplies Guide with all my favorite materials like hoops, dowels, and rings to make your Modern Macrame projects look even more amazing!

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16 Easy DIY Macrame Plant Hangers for Beginners - Macrame for Beginners

5 Ways to Start a Macrame Plant Hanger

Time to for some education! Did you know there are 5 ways to start your Macrame plant hanger? Watch this video to learn 5 different starting knots and up your Macrame skills right away!

#1 Easy 5-minute Macrame Plant Hanger

When you’re looking for a really quick and easy DIY Macrame plant hanger this is the project for you. Because this design only requires a standard double knot, no actual Macrame skills are required!

#2 Beginner Macrame Plant Hanger

This simple plant hanger is super easy to recreate and only uses the square knot and spiral knot. The perfect project for beginners who want to practice their basic Macrame knots!

Join the Macrame for Beginners Facebook Group!

When you’re just starting out with a new hobby, it can be very beneficial (and loads of fun) to connect with fellow beginners for tips and positive encouragement.

Therefore I’ve created the Macrame for Beginners Facebook Group: a safe place where you can learn new knots & patterns, ask all your questions, and share your latest creations with our lovely & positive Macrame community. Come and join us, we’re happy to help you out!

#3 One Knot Macrame Plant Hanger

Another easy and beginner-friendly one-knot Macrame plant hanger tutorial. This time created by the talented Macrame artist Emily Faith who you should definitely follow on Youtube if you love learning new fun patterns!

#4 Simple Macrame Plant Hanger

This plant hanger is one my favorite designs and shows a great variety of different ways to use the square knot. Make sure to put this one on your to-macrame list!

Shop my favorite Macrame cords

Wondering where to buy affordable high-quality Macrame cords to create your first project? These recycled Bobbiny cotton cords are my all-time favorite!

Not only are they silky soft, eco-friendly, and perfect for beginners but they also come in many different sizes and trendy seasonal colors!

Find the best Macrame cords for your project

#5 Macrame Wall Plant Hanger

When you’re looking for a plant hanger you can hang on your wall, you will love this wall hanging planter tutorial by ZIZ Macrame.

#6 DIY Pink Macrame Plant Hanger

Who says plant hangers have to be white? I absolutely love this pink design by Made in May (who you should definitely follow if you LOVE Macrame) and the cute and playful pattern that was used. A must-make if you ask me!

#7 Easy Macrame Plant Hanger with Beads

Learn how to incorporate wooden beads into your Macrame plant hangers with this easy tutorial for beginners.

More Easy DIY Macrame Projects for Beginners

#8 Colorful Hanging Macrame Planters

Learn how to create a variety of trendy and colorful Macrame pots to decorate your entire home (and those of your friends) with more plant hangers!

#9 Macrame Plant Hanger with Fringe

Add a lovely fringe to your Macrame plant hanger! This beginner-friendly tutorial by Blueicrafts will show you by-step-step how to make one.

#10 Macrame Basket Plant Hanger

Learn how to knot a Macrame basket plant hanger with this beginner-friendly tutorial from the talented Macrame Youtube teacher Simply Inspired.

#11 DIY Macrame Plant Hanger

When you want to incorporate more diagonal elements into your Macrame plant hanger, this is a great example of how to do it.

#12 Macrame Hanging Planter with Beads

More cute hanging planters with beads! Create with Jenn does a great job of teaching you how to make this gorgeous Macrame plant hanger yourself.

#13 Dyed Macrame Plant Hangers

Another amazing series of great plant hanger designs that are a joy to make and hang up! Which one is your favorite? Let me know in the comments!

#14 DIY Macrame Plant Hanger

Looking for a way to incorporate rings into your Macrame plant hanger? Then you’ll love to learn how to recreate this plant hanger in basket style by designer Made in May!

More Easy DIY Macrame Projects for Beginners

#15 T-Shirt Macrame Plant Hanger

Do you have some old (and colorful) t-shirts lying around? Turn them into Macrame cords and create this super cute T-shirt plant hanger in just a few easy steps!

#16 Spiral Macrame Plant Hanger

One of my favorite Macrame plant hanger designs, simply because of how different it looks from all the previous ones. Macrame teacher Soulful Notions definitely knows how to create eye-catching designs for your home. Give her a follow for more amazing free patterns!

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16 Easy DIY Macrame Plant Hangers for Beginners - Macrame for Beginners

Macrame for Beginners

Welcome to my blog, where I love to teach and inspire you to create your very own Macrame decorations.

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New to Macrame? No worries, it’s super easy to learn! Check out my Macrame for Beginners Guide and learn the basic knots within 5 minutes.

Happy Knotting!


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