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New US Bobbiny Macrame Cord Supplier – Premium Quality & Free Shipping!

New US Bobbiny Macrame Cord Supplier - Premium Cords & Free Shipping!

Enjoy a new US Bobbiny Macrame Cord Supplier with over 400 cord options, free delivery, and exceptional service!

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Best US Bobbiny Macrame Cord Supplier

Bobbiny Cords, the official distributor of premium Macrame cords, now offers their extensive range of products to customers in the USA.

New US Bobbiny Macrame Cord Supplier - Premium Cords & Free Shipping!
All Colors of the Rainbow!

With over 400 cord options, exceptional service, and a commitment to quality, this US Bobbiny Macrame cord supplier is your gateway to an exciting world of crafting possibilities!

30% OFF on ALL Limited Edition Cords

Discover the best new US Bobbiny Macrame Cord Supplier, order your favorite colors today, and enjoy 30% off on all braided Limited Edition Cords!

New US Bobbiny Macrame Cord Supplier - Premium Quality & Free Shipping

A Diverse Range of Colorful Cords

Bobbiny products are renowned for their quality and variety, and at Bobbiny Cords, they proudly stock the full range of Bobbiny cords.

New US Bobbiny Macrame Cord Supplier - Premium Cords & Free Shipping!
Festive Bobbiny 3-Ply Metallic Cords

Whether you’re a seasoned macrame artist or just starting your crafting journey, they have the perfect cord for you. Bobbiny Cords’ selection includes:

  1. Braided Cords: Choose from 3mm, 5mm, and 9mm high-quality braided cords.
  2. Single Ply Cords: Explore 1.5mm, 3mm, 5mm, and 9mm single ply cords in a spectrum of beautiful colors.
  3. 3-Ply Cords: Their 3-ply cords are available in 1.5mm, 3mm, 5mm, and 9mm options, ensuring you have the right cord for any project.
  4. Metallic Range: Add a touch of sparkle to your creations with our metallic cords, perfect for adding a hint of glamour to your macramé pieces.
  5. Limited Editions: Keep an eye out for our limited edition cords, offering unique colors and styles that can elevate your crafting projects.


Free Shipping on orders over $100

Bobbiny Cords offers free delivery on orders over $100 and a flat rate of $7.9 for mainland USA. Your crafting supplies will be on their way to you promptly with their daily dispatch service.

For more info about shipping, check their Shipping Policy.

New US Bobbiny Macrame Cord Supplier - Premium Cords & Free Shipping!
Wine Red and Pine Green are the perfect Christmas Cords!

About Bobbiny Cords – Official Bobbiny Distributor

Bobbiny Cords has been serving the crafting community in the UK and France since 2020, building their experience and reputation as a leading global reseller of these beautiful cords. They’ve already served thousands of happy customers who their passion for crafting.

Bobbiny Cords is thrilled to bring the joy of crafting with Bobbiny to the USA.

“We genuinely love these cords and are dedicated to spreading the creativity and excitement they bring to our community”

Exceptional Service and Convenience

Bobbiny Cords prioritizes customer satisfaction. Their American customer care phone number is always available, and their dedicated team is here to assist you with any inquiries or orders.

Bobbiny Launches 3 New Pastel Macrame Cords in Gorgeous Fresh Spring Colors for 2022

Order your Bobbiny Cords now!

In conclusion, if you’re a macramé enthusiast or a craft lover in the USA, Bobbiny Cords is your one-stop destination for premium quality cords.

Their extensive range of cords, exceptional service, and commitment to customer satisfaction set them apart as your trusted source for all your crafting needs.

Start your crafting journey with Bobbiny Cords and let your creativity flourish with the finest cords in the market.

Free Easy DIY Macrame Heart Coaster Pattern for Beginners Bobbiny Cords - Macrame for Beginners Free Macrame Tutorials

Free Bobbiny Macrame Patterns

Check out the amazing free Bobbiny patterns for Macrame and Crochet, order your cords, and get started!

You can learn more about each of Bobbiny’s cord type in my extensive Macrame cord guide!

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