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How to Make a Macrame Rainbow Wall Hanging | Easy Square Knot Semicircle Tutorial for Beginners

How to make a Macrame Rainbow Semicircle Wall Hanging

This Macrame Rainbow Wall Hanging for beginners is created by using just Square knots and is super easy to make. Are you ready? Simply follow the step-by-step video instructions and get started today!

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How to Make a Macrame Rainbow Wall Hanging

Yay! 😀 My first Macrame tutorial is finally ready and I’m so happy to share it with you! It definitely took me a while to get comfortable in front of the camera and publish my face on YouTube but I’m super happy I finally did.

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Easy Macrame Rainbow Wall Hanging for Beginners

This cute Semicircle / Macrame Rainbow Wall Hanging is very easy to make and is the perfect project to practice your square knots.

I hope you like this colorful wall hanging and can’t wait to see your creations! Make sure to share them with me in our awesome Facebook Group!

Watch My Video Tutorial

Material needed for this project

  • Dowel: 40cm / 15,7 inch
  • 5mm Single Twist Bobbiny Macrame cords in 4 colors

Cords used in this project

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Cord Measurements

For this project, I’ve used 5mm single twist Macrame cords by Bobbiny. If you use thinner cords you can cut them slightly shorter and when you use thicker cords or 3-ply rope make sure to add a bit of extra length to the project.

  • Row 1: 3x 195cm / 6′ 4
  • Row 2: 3x 255cm / 8′ 4
  • Row 3: 3x 320cm / 10′ 6
  • Row 4: 3x 390cm / 12 ‘9

DIY Instructions Macrame Rainbow Wall Hanging

Step 1
Cut your cords in the correct size and attach your first 3 cords to the dowel with a Lark’s head knot.

Step 2
For this project, we’re making an alternating square knot pattern. Start with making your first square knot with the left (outer) 4 cords. Next, grab the right (inner) 4 cords and make another square knot to alternate. Now repeat this pattern until you have formed 9 knots on the left side.

How to Make a Macrame Rainbow Semicircle Wall Hanging - Easy Square Knot Tutorial for Beginners

Step 3
Attach your cords back to the dowel by forming the semicircle. To do this, grab the first 2 inner left strings, hold them in front of the dowel and place them over it.

Now take your right cord and move it in front of the left cord before you pull it over the dowel again but now from the back to the front and over the cords you’ve pulled back the first time. It will look like you just made a Lark’s head knot.

Now tie a simple double knot on the back of your work to secure the cords in place.

Step 4
Repeat steps 1 and 2 but for the second row you make 14 knots on the left side. For row 3 you make 18 knots and for the final 4th row you make 21 knots before you attach your work back to the dowel.

How to Make a Macrame Rainbow Semicircle Wall Hanging - Easy Square Knot Tutorial for Beginners 2

Step 5
Cut the cords from the back (make sure all knots are secure and optionally add some fabric glue to be safe). You can attach a cord with the constrictor knot to hang your work.

Add a fringe to the bottom (optional)

You can attach a fluffy fringe by adding cords of about 20 cm / 7′ 9 inch with a Lark’s Head knot to the bottom loops. I usually try to add two cords per loop to create a nice full effect.

That’s a Wrap!

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