Discover my Top 10 Best Macrame Books for beginners and beyond to learn new Macrame knots, techniques, and how to make countless beautiful Macrame patterns with easy step-by-step instructions.

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Best Macrame Books for Beginners and Beyond

Are you looking for the best Macrame books to learn new knots, techniques, and how to make beautiful home decor projects?

Here are my Top 10 favorite Macrame books that are perfect for beginners and more experienced makers who are looking for a new challenge!

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Best Macrame Books for Beginners and Beyond - Macrame for Beginners

10 Best Macrame Books for Beginners 2022

Discover my Top 10 Best Macrame Books for Beginners and Beyond. I can’t wait to see all your amazing creations! Make sure to tag Macrame for Beginners on Instagram for a shout-out!

Elemental Macrame by Rebecca Millar – Vanir Creations Book

Enjoy Macrame in a new intentional and spiritual light with Elemental Macrame by Rebecca Millar from Vanir Creations.

Win Rebecca’s new book Elemental Macrame and join our Monthly Macrame Challenge for October!

Best Macrame Books for Beginners & Beyond - Elemental Macrame Rebecca Millar Vanir Creations

Elemental Macrame comes with 20 gorgeous patterns to combine your love for Macrame with crystals. Make a tiara to bring out your inner goddess, a tree of life to connect with the earth, or a beautiful dreamcatcher to protect you during your sleep.

Rebecca Millar is one of our featured Macrame teachers. Check our collaborations and learn how to to make more of her beautiful projects!

Mixed Fiber Macramé by Chantel Conlon – Lots of Knots Canada Book

Mixed Fiber Macrame takes a fresh approach in making modern macrame pieces. Not only will you learn new on-trend techniques such as macraweaving but you’ll also get to work with different types of exciting fibers such as ribbons, raffia, roving, and more.

Best Macrame Books for Beginners & Beyond - Mixed Fiber Macrame Chantel Conlon Lots of Knots Canada

Chantel Conlon from Lots of Knots Canada is the perfect teacher to introduce you to more modern and different types of projects. There are 24 eye-catching and original patterns waiting for you, including wall hangings, chandeliers, pillows, rugs, and many more home decor items.

Year of Knots by Windy Chien

What happens when you dedicate a full year to learning new knots? Windy Chien gave it a go and reinvented her whole life and career in the process. The Year of Knots combines projects, tutorials, and transformative personal stories, all aimed at inspiring readers to make knotting part of your meditative daily practice.

Best Macrame Books for Beginners & Beyond - Mixed Fiber Macrame Chantel Conlon Lots of Knots Canada

This Macrame book is a must-read for all inspiring makers to learn new knots, techniques, and projects. and includes patterns for a necklace, a dog leash, multiple wall hangings, and a hanging light.

Statement Macramé by Natalie Ranae

Learn how to create beautiful large-scale Macrame wall art, headboards, backdrops, and plant hangers with talented teacher Natalie Ranae in her latest book Statement Macramé.

This helpful book is a follow-up to her bestseller Macrame at Home and comes with 12 amazing step-by-step and clear tutorials, suitable for more experienced makers.

Macrame for Beginners and Beyond by Amy Mullins

Macrame for Beginners and Beyond puts a twenty-first–century spin on the age-old craft of Macrame and teaches you how to make your own trendy Macrame home décor and jewelry.

Best Books for Beginners and Beyond - Macrame for Beginners and Beyond by Amy Mullins

This wonderful book includes 24 on-trend and macramé projects for both inside and outside your home. You can choose for easy and advanced versions to develop your skills as you go!

Macrame Pattern Book by Marchen Art

With St Martin’s Griffin Macrame Pattern Book you’ll learn over 70 macrame knots, small repeat patterns and how to use them to create a wide range of beautiful patterns.

Best Books for Beginners and Beyond - Macrame Pattern Book - St Martin's Griffin Book

This guidebook is an extensive resource for both new and experienced makers. Start with the basics, then progress to more complex designs. The book includes clear close-up photographs and step-by-step diagrams.

Macramé at Home by Natalie Ranae

Learn how to make beautiful boho-chic Macrame projects for your home with this amazing book by Macramé artist and teacher Natalie Ranae.

Best Macrame Books for Beginners & Beyond - Macrame at Home - Natalie Ranae

Natalie provides you with the knowledge and skills to recreate her pieces exactly as shown, or confidently branch off with your own design. Macrame at Home comes with 20 step-by-step patterns for plant hangers, wall art, pillows, rugs, floor poufs, and more.   

Macrame: The Craft of Creative Knotting for Your Home by Fanny Zedenius

Fanny Zedenius from Createholic offers a refreshing twist on the addictive craft of Macrame. This book takes readers through all the basics plus various techniques such as ombre dyeing, fraying, and customizing with beads.

Best Macrame Books for Beginners & Beyond - Macrame 1 & Macrame 2 by Fanny Zedenius

Get started with 22 home decor projects such as impressive wall hangings, a beautiful table runner and napkins, dream catchers, and pretty plant hangers.

Make sure to also check her second book Macrame 2 for more inspiration and easy-to-follow tutorials!

Modern Macrame: 33 Stylish Projects for Your Handmade Home by Emily Katz

Get yourself the ultimate guide to creating and styling modern macramé projects for your home by Macrame artist Emily Katz, founder of Modern Macrame.

Best Macrame Books for Beginners & Beyond - Modern Macrame by Emily Katz

This book includes 33 projects, from driftwood wall art and bohemian light fixtures to macramé rugs and headboards, all with easy-to-follow photo instructions.

Macramé for the Modern Home: by Isabella Strambio

This inspiring ebook by Isabella Strambio will show you exactly how to create breathtaking works of Macrame wall art and statement home décor!

Best Macrame Books for Beginners & Beyond - Macrame for the Modern Home -- Isabella Strambio

Macrame for the Modern Home comes with 16 stunning projects such as wall hangings, plant hangers, a lantern, table runner, mirror hanger, rug and tassels. 

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Best Macrame Books for Beginners and Beyond - Macrame for Beginners

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