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18 Gorgeous DIY Macrame Christmas Decorations by Soulful Notions

Make Your Own Gorgeous Macrame Christmas Decorations – Easy Video Tutorials by Soulful Notions

Are you looking for fun patterns to make your own Macrame Christmas decorations? Then you’ll love these easy video tutorials by Soulful Notions for a DIY Macrame Christmas Tree, Macrame Christmas Wreath, Macrame Christmas Stars, and cute Christmas Ornaments!

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DIY Macrame Christmas Decorations

Yay, it’s that time of year again when we can make Christmas Crafts without looking weird! 😉 Light up that fire, pour yourself some hot cocoa, grab your cords and let’s make some cute Macrame Christmas decorations.

These Macrame Christmas decorations by Chasta from Soulful Notions are perfect to add some festive decor to your home and Christmas tree, but they also make for the perfect handmade gifts to impress family members with your creativity!

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Discover all my favorite supplies to create your own pretty Macrame Christmas Decorations. From metal stars and festive golden Macrame cords to fairy lights and the prettiest baubles!

Macrame Christmas Supplies

For more amazing free DIY Macrame Christmas patterns, make sure to check out my complete Macrame Christmas Decorations Guide!

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Make Your Own Gorgeous Macrame Christmas Decorations – Easy Video Tutorials by Soulful Notions

Minimalist Macrame Christmas Decorations

I’m very much in love with the minimalist and modern style of Soulful Notions, but you can make these cute Christmas decorations in any color you want, and of course, add more details or knots if you feel like doing your own thing.

I made my Christmas Star with Bobbiny 5mm single twist Macrame cords in the gorgeous color Wild Rose and I love how it turned out!

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Before you start…

You can find all instructions, measurements, and tips in the video description, which you can read when opening the tutorial on YouTube.

If you want to slow down a video, you can do so by adjusting the Playback speed in Settings (cogwheel icon on desktop / 3 dots on mobile). On mobile, to quickly skip 10 seconds back or forth in the video, simply double-tap on the left or right of the screen.

DIY Christmas Reindeer Ornaments

How cute are these easy Macrame reindeer ornaments? Your Christmas tree will look so amazing this year!

YouTube video

Macrame Christmas Wreath

Decorate your door with this stunning Macrame Christmas Wreath!

YouTube video

Macrame Christmas Tree Ornament

Get started with these cute little Christmas tree ornaments made with braided cord.

YouTube video

No Ring Macrame Stars

Learn how to make a pretty Macrame star without using a Ring!

YouTube video

DIY Macrame Christmas Tree

Practice your double hitch knots in a fun way with this easy pattern for a minimalist Macrame Christmas tree!

YouTube video

Macrame Christmas Heart Ornaments

Fill your Christmas tree with love this year and make your own cute Macrame Christmas Heart Ornaments.

YouTube video

DIY Macrame Christmas Wreath

I love the modern look of this super easy-to-make Macrame Christmas Wreath! This project will look super cute on your door and is the perfect way to showcase your skills to any passing neighbors!

YouTube video

DIY Macrame Christmas Ornaments

These Macrame Christmas ornaments look so cute in your Christmas tree! Experiment with more colors and different beads to make this design your own.

YouTube video

Star with Wooden Beads

Go for a natural look and learn how to make a cute star out of wooden beads with this fun tutorial by Soulful Notions!

YouTube video

Macrame Mini Heart Ornament

Decorate your Christmas tree with some extra love this year! This mini Macrame heart is easy to make and looks perfect all year round!

YouTube video

DIY Macrame Christmas Star Ornament

So easy to make and such a cute addition to your handmade Christmas decorations this year! Trust me, once you finish your first Macrame Star you’ll want to make more 😀

YouTube video

DIY Macrame Peace Ornament

How cute are these little peace ornaments!? Make them in different colors and add some peacefulness to your tree!

YouTube video

Ringless Macrame Shooting Star

This has to be one of my all-time favorite projects by Soulful Notions. And the best thing is, you only need some pretty colorful cords to make these easy Macrame shooting stars!

YouTube video

Easy DIY Macrame Christmas Tree

Looking for a super easy Macrame Christmas tree pattern? This is the one! You can also turn them into adorable Christmas Gnomes with the tutorial below this video.

YouTube video

DIY Macrame Christmas Gnome

Turn your Macrame Christmas tree into a cute little Christmas Gnome with this fun follow-up tutorial from the video above this one.

YouTube video

Macrame Mini Owl Ornament

These cute Macrame owls are super easy to make and they’ll feel right at home in your pretty Christmas tree!

YouTube video

DIY Macrame Angel

Follow this easy step-by-step Macrame tutorial to make your own cute Macrame angel! Isn’t Soulful Notions an angel for making all these wonderful Macrame patterns for us?! Thank her by subscribing now!

YouTube video

Mini Macrame Christmas Tree

More Christmas tree patterns! You can never hang enough Christmas trees in your Christmas tree, am I right!?

YouTube video

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Make Your Own Gorgeous Macrame Christmas Decorations – Easy Video Tutorials by Soulful Notions

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