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Learn How to Make Beautiful Macrame Moon Dreamcatchers with Vanir Creations

How to make a Macrame Mooncatcher by Vanir Creations

It’s hard not to immediately fall in love with the beautiful Macrame Moon Dreamcatchers by Rebecca Millar from Vanir Creations! Learn how to make your own Dreamcatcher with 5 of her best video tutorials!

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Macrame Moon Dreamcatchers by Vanir Creations

Did you know the Macrame for Beginners Facebook Group has teamed up with some of the best online teachers to help you learn new knots and patterns?

One of them is the super talented Rebecca Miller from Vanir Creations who makes the most gorgeous Macrame Moon Dreamcatchers!

Vanir Creations - Rebecca Millar - Dreamcatchers Mooncatchers - Macrame for Beginners 3

I’m so happy I got to talk to Rebecca and ask her about her love for dreamcatchers and her journey to becoming such a great Macrame teacher. Let’s dive right in!

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Meet Rebecca!

Hi everyone! My name is Rebecca Millar, 34 years young and I live in North-West England with my husband and 3-year old son. I own a small handmade business called Vanir Creations and love to teach people how to make their own Macrame dreamcatchers.

What was your process in becoming a Macrame artist?
I’ve always been naturally creative but like most creatives, I find it hard to apply my creativity unless I really love what I’m making. With Macrame, it was instant love.

Vanir Creations - Rebecca Millar - Dreamcatchers Mooncatchers - Macrame for Beginners

Before I started Vanir Creations, I used to work as a store manager at River Island for 10 years. My Macrame journey started about 4 years ago after watching tutorials on YouTube.

I spent most of my 20s going out every weekend and was a bit of a party girl but after I bought my first home with my husband and I became pregnant, I felt a huge shift in my life. I left my job after maternity leave and went full time 2 years ago. Never looked back!

How to make a Macrame Mooncatcher by Vanir Creations
How to make a Macrame Mooncatcher by Vanir Creations

What was your first project?
My first macrame wall hanging was made with some cheap string and a branch from the park but I was instantly addicted! My friends and family encouraged me to sell my work on Etsy so I decided to open a shop.

I will always remember my first sale as my face went bright red and I couldn’t believe it! That’s why I’m starting this new journey into tutorials and DIY products. I want to teach people this amazing art so they can experience this moment too!

Vanir Creations - Rebecca Millar - Dreamcatchers Mooncatchers - Macrame for Beginners

What do you love most about the art of Macrame?
When I’m working on a piece, I often find it like a meditation. Only thinking about the knots and how they twist together can be really relaxing. I also love how creative you can be with Macrame and how many things you can make, besides wall hangings.

What your favorite type of Macrame cord you like to work with?
My favorite cord to work with is 5mm single-ply cotton string, in natural. It’s just so perfect for bigger pieces!

What inspires you to make these gorgeous Moon Dreamcatchers?
When I was a child I suffered from night terrors badly so my dad bought me a dreamcatcher. The thought of simply having one in my room made me instantly feel better in some way. I think I’ve never let go of that moment and I’ve always been fascinated with the history of them.

What’s your favorite thing about teaching macrame on YouTube?
I love that I could be helping someone start something amazing. Maybe their very own business in crafting or macrame! Or maybe just a new hobby that they will love and teach to someone else one day.

Vanir Creations - Rebecca Millar - Dreamcatchers Mooncatchers - Macrame for Beginners

What are your best tips for beginners?
My best tip would be to do what you love! Make what you love! Keep practicing! When I first started with Macrame, I made many mistakes but now I can knot with my eyes closed. Also start with a simple design and work your way up to more detailed pieces and you’ll be ready for anything!

Are you ready to make your own gorgeous dreamcatcher? Keep scrolling to discover Rebecca’s best Macrame dreamcatcher tutorials and get started right away!

Make sure to check out Vanir Creation’s Etsy Shop and follow Rebecca on YouTubeFacebook, and Instagram to never miss out on any new fun Macrame tutorials!

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How to make a Macrame Moon Dreamcatcher by Vanir Creations

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How to make a Macrame Mooncatcher by Vanir Creations

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