Product Review: Nook Theory Macrame Cords – Soft & Affordable in 36 Shades

High-Quality Macrame Cords

A few weeks ago, I got my hands on the latest gorgeous shades of the new Nook Theory Macrame Cord Collection!

I absolutely love the new colors and the quality of their affordable cords and can’t recommend them enough! Get yours now on Amazon, shipped worldwide!

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Nook Theory Macrame Cords

When you’re looking for affordable and colorful Macrame cords, Nook Theory is a great choice!

Nook Theory offers a beautiful collection of 3mm 3-Ply cords in unique colors such as a trendy Lilac, Flamingo Pink, and Burnt Orange, which are all perfect for your plant hangers, small wall hangings, and cute Macrame bags.

Whether you’re based in the U.S., Australia or Europe, Nook Theory ships worldwide through Amazon! 


High-Quality Macrame Cords

Nook Theory Macrame cords are a joy to work with and are super soft on your fingers.

All spools come with 220 yards / 200 meters of Macrame cords, which is enough to make multiple gorgeous projects!

Triple Twist Cords (3-ply): The Triple Twist Cords are made by combining three separate single-twisted parts into a spiral. This firm but soft structure is great to work with and looks amazing in all your projects. Available in 3mm.

Trendy Summer Colors

Nook Theory cords come in many gorgeous trendy colors. Pick your favorite shade and start creating your wall hangings, plant hangers and macrame bags! 




Soft Yellow

Nook Theory Cord Collection

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