New Year, New Hobby! Get Started with 15 Easy Macrame Patterns for Beginners

15 Easy Macrame Patterns for Beginners - Easy Macrame Water Bottle Holder Pattern

Learn how to get started with Macrame and make your own gorgeous plant hangers, bottle holders, and wall hangings. Here are 15 easy Macrame patterns for beginners to kick off your favorite new hobby in 2022!

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Easy Macrame Patterns

Are you looking to start a new hobby in 2022? I’m sure you will fall madly in love with Macrame!

Did you know you only need to learn 3 basic knots to make most of the beautiful patterns you see on Instagram and Pinterest? Here are 15 free easy Macrame patterns for beginners to get you started!

New to Macrame? No worries!

If you’re completely new to Macrame, make sure to check out my handy beginner guides where I teach you all the basic knots, show you the best shops to buy Macrame cords, and where to find the best supplies + tools to set up your Macrame workstation!

Meet our talented Macrame Teachers

Meet our amazing Featured Macrame Teachers and discover their best beginner-friendly step-by-step free video tutorials.

15 Easy Macrame Patterns for Beginners

Are you ready to learn how to make your own Macrame wall hanging, Macrame bag, Macrame plant hanger, and more? Let’s go!

Easy Macrame Bottle Holder Pattern

Discover all gorgeous and unique patterns by Jamie of SilentKnot and subscribe to her amazing YouTube channel today!

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Easy Macrame Plant Hanger Pattern

YouTube video

Easy Macrame Wall Hanging Pattern

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Join the Macrame for Beginners Facebook Group!

Therefore I’ve created the Macrame for Beginners Facebook Group: a safe place where you can learn new knots & patterns, ask all your questions, and share your latest creations with our lovely & positive Macrame community. Come and join us; we’re happy to help you out!

Easy Macrame Hat Hanger Pattern


Easy Macrame Daisy Plant Hanger Pattern

YouTube video

Easy Macrame Rainbow Wall Hanging Pattern

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Shop my favorite Macrame cords

Wondering where to buy affordable, high-quality Macrame cords to create your first project? These recycled Bobbiny cotton cords are my all-time favorite!

Not only are they silky soft, eco-friendly, and perfect for beginners, but they also come in many different sizes and trendy seasonal colors. Find your LOCAL Bobbiny cord supplier to save on shipping costs!

Find the best Macrame cords for your project

Easy Macrame Planthanger Pattern

YouTube video

Easy Macrame Market Bag Pattern

YouTube video

Easy Macrame Wristlet Pattern

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Easy Macrame Wall Hanging Tutorial

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Discover our Talented Macrame Teachers

We work with many talented Macrame teachers, which you can all find on our Featured Macrame Teachers page. Check out these posts to discover their amazing tutorials!

Easy Macrame Triple Plant Holder

YouTube video

Easy Macrame Honeycomb & Bee Pattern

YouTube video

Easy Macrame Lip Balm Keychain

YouTube video

Easy Large Macrame Wall Hanging Pattern

YouTube video

Easy DIY Macrame Rainbow Pattern

YouTube video

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New to Macrame? No worries, it’s super fun to learn! Just follow my 3 Easy Steps and download my FREE MACRAME KNOT GUIDE to get started!

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Watch my Latest YouTube Tutorial

This cute Macrame Plant Hanger is super easy to make and only uses 3 easy knots. Make sure to subscribe to the Macrame for Beginners YouTube channel for more fun beginner tutorials!

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Check out these Easy Macrame Beginner Projects for more inspiration, and read my Shopping Guide for the best Macrame supplies!

Happy Knotting!


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