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Learn Macrame with Talented Teacher Nicole from Bochiknot + 10 Free DIY Patterns

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Bochiknot was one of the first Youtube teachers I discovered when I started my Macrame journey and I’m so excited we had the chance to talk. Are you ready to discover Nicole’s amazing patterns? Check our interview now and discover my 10 favorite free Bochiknot Macrame tutorials!

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About Bochiknot

Do you want to learn how to make gorgeous Macrame wall hangings, bags, and the cutest baby nursery projects? Then you’ll love Bochiknots amazing projects and tutorials!

Run by self-taught Macrame artist Nicole from Calgary, Canada, this Youtube Channel is just what you need to improve your Macrame knotting skills!

I’m so happy and honored I had a chance to talk to Nicole and ask her all about her journey into becoming such a talented Macrame teacher.

Meet our talented Macrame Teachers

Meet our amazing Featured Macrame Teachers and discover their best beginner-friendly step-by-step free video tutorials.

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10 Gorgeous Free Macrame Patterns and Video Tutorials by Bochiknot + Interview - Macrame for Beginners

Meet Macrame Teacher Nicole from Bochiknot

Hi everyone! My name is Nicole and I was born and raised in Calgary Canada. I am a Chartered Public Accountant (CPA) by trade but have always known there was a creative side to me too.

I was working as an Accountant during the day and filming macrame tutorials at night/weekends for 2 years and recently in October 2020, I decided to quit my accounting job to pursue macrame full time.

What was your process in becoming a Macrame artist?
Like many others, I loved crafts ever since I was a kid. I loved painting, sewing, beading for jewelry, etc. I remember a time in elementary where I was obsessed with making friendship bracelets. Little did I know that I would get back into this same craft many years later. 

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4-5 years ago I was looking for home decor for my new home and as I browsed Pinterest, I came across these fiber wall hangings. After some googling, I found out it was called “macrame”. I thought to myself, I could probably make one of those! 

The first project I ever made was a macrame feather following a DIY blog I found. From there, I made my first wall hanging from a Youtube tutorial and I was hooked after that.

After these 2 projects, I was able to grasp the Lark’s Head, Square knot, and Double Half Hitch knot well enough to start creating my own designs and patterns.

I really haven’t taken a real break or stopped doing Macrame ever since. It felt like I finally found something I was so passionate about and it is also meditative and relaxing to me, so why stop?!

Bochiknot - Macrame Tutorials - Macrame for Beginners 7

What do you love most about macrame?
The meditative feeling I get from it. It really gets my creative juices flowing. I love that by using your hands and some cord,  you can create almost anything you dream up.

What are your favorite projects to create?
Handbags, mandalas, and dreamcatchers! I am into boho-chic style and fashion and decor (hence the name Bochiknot as Bochi was derived from boho-chic) and I absolutely love macrame handbags and carrying them around!

Bochiknot - Macrame Mandala Tutorials - Macrame for Beginners 3

What kind of material/types of cord do you like to work with?
My favorite is still single-strand cotton cord. I love the “flat” or “smooth” look of the finished piece and how soft it is on your hands to knot with.

I also really like incorporating a variety of different accessories into a piece too, such as wooden / pearl beads, sequins, feathers, etc. I am all about adding texture to a piece, so whether that is in the form of beads or macrame flowers, you’ll likely see some form of texture included in my designs.

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Do you have a favorite Macrame artist?
Macrame Grida – I love the knot patterns he creates and he inspires me to come up with my own unique knot patterns as well.

What are your best tips for beginners?
If you must, just unknot the entire project and start over. The best way to learn is to practice and that comes with the process of untying and retying knots. Don’t get discouraged because the end result is oh so satisfying when it is done right!

Can you recommend us your favorite products for beginners?
We sell a variety of cord and supplies in our shop. Our two main cord lines are the Foundation line and Rainbow line.

Bochiknot Macrame Cords - Foundation Line

As the name indicates, the Foundation line is perfect for every macrame artist, but especially for beginners. It is not only a soft premium cord, which means it is soft on the hands, but it does not unravel easily meaning it is perfect to learn macrame from. It can take a lot of unknotting and reknotting. I know because I’ve done it many times!

Bochiknot Macrame Cords - Rainbow Line

Our Rainbow line consists of 100% eco-friendly recycled cord. It is slightly less soft and sturdy when compared to the Foundation Cord but still makes a good cord to work with as a beginner. There are so many different colors to choose from which makes creating so much more fun!

The best way to learn as a beginner is to start with a starter kit – our Kami Kit Wall hanging is a fan favorite and comes with everything you need to get started!

Bochiknot Macrame Starter Kit - Macrame Tutorials - Macrame for Beginners
Bochiknot Starter KIt - Macrame Tutorials - Macrame for Beginners

Where can we find you online?
I offer many free beginner-friendly macrame tutorials on my Youtube channel. For those of you who would like to advance your macrame skill set quicker with more intermediate and advanced tutorials, please check out my Patreon at www.patreon.com/bochiknot.

If you love Bochiknot as much as I do, make sure to follow her on Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook. And if you would like to buy one of her amazing and beautiful Macrame pieces, you can do so in her pretty Etsy shop!

Are you ready to get creative with Bochiknot? I’ve selected 10 of my favorite beginner-friendly tutorials so you can get started right away!

Easy Macrame Wall Hanging – Bochiknot

YouTube video

Macrame Mandala Mirror for Beginners – Bochiknot

YouTube video

DIY Macrame Bunny Baby Nursery Mobile – Bochiknot

YouTube video

Beginner-friendly Macrame Fish Tail Keychain – Bochiknot

YouTube video

Macrame Scrap Cords Boho Wall Hanging – Bochiknot

YouTube video

DIY Macrame Bag for Beginners – Bochiknot

YouTube video

DIY Macrame Plant Hanger – Bochiknot

YouTube video

DIY Macrame Shelf for Beginners – Bochiknot

YouTube video

Macrame Rose Knot Wall Hanging – Bochiknot

YouTube video

DIY Macrame Baby Pacifier Clip – Bochiknot

YouTube video

Aren’t these projects amazing!? Which one will you make first? I can’t wait to see your creations in our Macrame for Beginners Facebook Group!

TIP: If you need a little help with learning and practicing your Macrame knots, make sure to check out Bochiknots’ Macrame Knot Series Playlist on Youtube!

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10 Gorgeous Free Macrame Patterns and Video Tutorials by Bochiknot + Interview - Macrame for Beginners

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