April Monthly Macrame Challenge – Let’s Make A Macrame Cow together!

Macrame Cow Pattern - Macrame for Beginners - April Monthly Macrame Challenge

Are you ready to get creative with us? Join our new Monthly Macrame Challenge for April and let’s make some beautiful Macrame Cows together!

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Do you remember the day Miss Moo the Macrame Cow popped up in our Macrame for Beginners Facebook group? Well, we sure do because it became our most viral post ever! Who knew y’all were crazy for Macrame cows?! 😉

Miss Moo - Macrame Cow

Monthly Macrame Challenge

Of course, we can’t simply ignore your love for the fabulous Miss Moo and our team of moderators immediately reached out to Lauren Merritt, the creative brain behind this viral project, to see how we can support her beautiful work.

Luckily, Lauren is the sweetest girl you’ll ever meet and we’re all so excited we got to work together and bring you this new Monthly Macrame Challenge!

Before we explain to you how you can join our new Monthly Macrame Challenge and what’s in store for the winner, we would love to tell you a little story of how Miss Moo came about!

A word from creator Lauren Merritt

Hi everyone! I’m Lauren Merritt, the creator of Miss Moo the Macrame cow.

I can’t believe it has only been a month since I started my first macrame project. I went on a girls’ weekend and brought macrame supplies for crafting. Originally, I started looking into macrame to make a few plant hangers.

I ended up going down a rabbit hole looking for macrame patterns of animals. I found a tutorial on Etsy of an owl and bought it. I made it for my daughter’s room. It turned out so cute and I loved how I could put my own twist on it.

After I made the owl, I wanted to make something for my other daughter’s bedroom. My youngest has really long hair that was always falling straight down over her face. Grandma sent us an adorable picture of a cow that had a bunch of hair in it’s face referencing Amelia. After that, we started calling Amelia, Millie-Moo. And that’s how I decided to make a cow!

Monthly Macrame Challenge April Macrame Cow Miss Moo 2

I searched all over the internet for patterns of animals and couldn’t find anything! So, I decided to improvise and make it up on my own. I was very uncertain, self-conscious with how it turned out and was not even going to share it, but thought “Oh, what the heck? At least someone will get a good giggle!”

Oh boy, how surprised was I when the reactions and comments kept rolling in! I was so inspired and encouraged to share a tutorial so I worked hard to create another cow. I had to figure out what the world I did the first time and documented it for the tutorial.

I am now planning my next project, my mom has requested a bunny! I am also dreaming up some abstract pieces. I am sincerely grateful and blown away by the support I have received from around the world. I can’t wait to see how your MOOs turn out!

Thank you, from my heart, and happy knotting!

To stay up to date about my work and more Macrame patterns, please join my Facebook page MerrittMacrame!

How to join our monthly Macrame challenge

Step 1: Join our Macrame for Beginners – Monthly Macrame Challenge Facebook Group (if you haven’t yet) > Join here!

Step 2: Order the pattern for Miss Moo on Etsy and use discount code MACRAMEFORBEGINNERS to get 10% off your purchase (discount code is valid from April 1st to April 30th). The pattern will be delivered straight to your inbox! > Order here!

Wait, it’s not free? Nope! We think it’s important to support creators and therefore ask you to purchase this amazing and detailed pattern in Lauren Merritt’s Etsy store MerrittMacrame.

Step 3: Once you’ve created your gorgeous Miss Moo, you can upload your photo to our Final Photo Submission post in the Monthly Macrame Challenge Facebook Group with the hashtag #missmoochallenge.

How to win our monthly Macrame challenge?

We really want you to get creative with this monthly Macrame challenge! Therefore we’re not only judging your Macrame skills and Miss Moo but also your creative photo submission.

So, take Miss Moo on an adventure and upload your most creative photo to our Final Photo Submission post and use the hashtag #missmoochallenge. Our team of moderators and creator Lauren will judge your photo submissions and pick our favorite to win an Etsy Gift Card!

*Please note that the winner of this challenge will be required to show they purchased the original pattern through Etsy.
*The competition closes on April 30th at midnight.

What can you win?

A challenge without a price is no fun, so we’re giving away an Etsy gift card worth 20 euros (which comes down to 23 dollars) to the winner of this month’s Macrame Challenge!

Supplies needed to make Miss Moo

  • 3mm 3-ply cotton Macrame cords (84 yards / 75 meters in total)
  • Dowel (12 inches / 30 cm)
  • 1 small or medium-sized wooden ring (to use for the nose ring)
  • 2 small buttons (to use for the eyes)
  • Crafting wire (optional)

Don’t have all the supplies to make this Macrame cow? No worries, we accept all creative submissions!

You can also order this super handy Macrame Kit that Lauren has put together for you that contains everything you need to make your own Miss Moo Macrame Cow!

Lauren will also be available to help during the challenge in case you’re struggling to create your own Miss Moo!

Are you ready?

Join our Monthly Macrame Challenge now! We can’t wait to see all your lovely Miss Moo submissions 😀

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