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Bobbiny Launches New Shade SUNSET for their 2021 Macrame Cord Collection

Woop Woop, it’s that time of year again! Bobbiny just launched the first new color for their 2021 Macrame Cord collection and we LOVE it! Get your new Sunset cords now and let’s make all the things!

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2021 Bobbiny Macrame Cord Collection

Spring season is about to kick off and Bobbiny just launched the first gorgeous new shade for their new 2021 Macrame cord collection.

This beautiful new color goes by the name Sunset and it definitely reminds us of those lovely sunny days at the beach! It’s pretty much the perfect color for Macrame projects that need some warmth and positive energy! What pretty projects will you make with them?

The new red shade Sunset can also be described as the color of clay, which is super trendy right now and will for sure make all your Macrame projects look amazing!

Discover the beautiful new amazing color Sunset and get creative with your pretty Spring inspired projects! We’ll let you know when more new colors for 2021 are launched, so make sure to join our Facebook Group Macrame for Beginners for more news and updates!

Bobbiny Cords

The new Sunset color is available for all Bobbiny cords (single twist, 3-ply and braided) and in all sizes, from 1.5 mm all the way up to 9mm! Yay! 😀

Bobbiny 2021 Macrame Cords Sunset - New Shade Collection - Shop now 2

Where to buy Bobbiny Cords

Bobbiny cords are made in Poland and are shipped worldwide. You can order directly via Bobbiny’s webshop, Etsy store, or you can find a local European cord supplier in this handy list we’ve created for you.

When you’re in the US or Canada, it’s cheaper to find a local cord supplier to order Bobbiny cords. Soulful Notions Shop, run by Macrame artist Chasta (also a member of our Facebook Group) is the perfect place to go shopping for your Bobbiny cords.

Because it’s a brand new color, many local cord stockists don’t offer it yet. Luckily, Soulful Notions shop is fully stocked and offers all cord types for the new Sunset shade.

Check out her amazing online store now and enjoy great prices plus super fast delivery to Canada and the United States. Use code SHIPFREE150 for free shipping in Canada on all orders over $150 CAD or code SHIPFREEUSA for all US orders over $220 CAD.

For inspiration and free macrame tutorials, please visit Soulful Notions’ YouTube channel and subscribe today to never miss out on any of her new amazing projects!

Discover more gorgeous cords by Bobbiny

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