Easy Square Knot Tutorial – #1 Macrame Knot Guide for Beginners

Square Knot Guide Macrame for Beginners

Learn the Square knot with my best beginner tips! This guide includes a Square knot tutorial, all Square knot variations like the Berry knot and Spiral Knot, plus some gorgeous Square knot Macrame patterns to start practicing right away!

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Square Knot Tutorial

When you’re just starting out with Macrame you might feel a little overwhelmed by all the knots you need to learn. But did you know that by just mastering the Square knot you can immediately tie more advanced knots too?

So, let’s start at the beginning and dive into the most versatile knot within Macrame: the Square knot! Keep reading to watch the Square Knot Tutorial and learn how to do it!

Macrame Knot Guide

Thanks for checking out the Macrame for Beginners Knot Guide. This is part 1 of the Macrame Knot Guide and focuses solely on the Square Knot, variations of the Square knot, and the different patterns you can make with the Square knot.

At the end of the post, you’ll also find some fun Square knot only projects and more Square knot tutorials so you can start practicing your knots right away.

Square Knot Guide Macrame for Beginners
Square Knot Guide Macrame for Beginners

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Macrame for Beginners

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Square Knot Tutorial - #1 Macrame Knot Guide for Beginners

The Square Knot

The Square knot is one of the most widely used knots in Macrame. It’s easy to learn and will look amazing in all your projects.

The Square knot is super versatile and can be knotted in many different patterns to create projects like wall hangings, plant hangers, bags, and many more home decor items.

Square Knot Tutorial - Macrame Knot Guide

What to expect when learning the Square knot

It will take some time to master the correct finger placement when tying this knot. This means you shouldn’t get frustrated when watching a tutorial where someone is going super fast. When you pick projects that use many Square knots, speed will come eventually.

Keep practicing

In the beginning, you will really have to focus on not making mistakes. Switching from the left to right side can be a bit confusing at first. But again, practicing this knot often will help a lot and before you know it you can totally zone out and relax while making the Square knot. Continue reading to discover my best beginner tips!

How to make a Square knot?

Lots of Knots Canada created the perfect video for you to master the Square knot. This video is part of her 28 Days of Knots series which I highly recommend when you want to learn more amazing Macrame knots!

YouTube video

My 3 Best Tips for Mastering the Square Knot

  • Always start the knot on either the left or right side when you’re using the Square knot in a pattern. You’ll quickly notice you have a preference for one side and I recommend always starting your Square knot here to prevent mistakes further down in your piece.
  • In case you forget which side of the Square knot you were working on, you can check which side has a loop. This would be the side to continue with.
Square Knot Guide - Macrame for Beginners
  • Tighten your cords evenly when you make the Square knot so your patterns end up looking more consistent.

Best Macrame Cords

Using proper Macrame cords really helps your Square knots and Square knot patterns to look amazing. I can recommend the eco-friendly Bobbiny cords, which come in Single Twist, 3-Ply, and Braided in many sizes and trendy colors.

Practice your Square Knots

A fun way to practice your square knots is by using colorful single twist Macrame cords to wrap around bigger 3-ply cords. This way you can clearly see what you’re doing and you end up with a gorgeous Macrame piece to hang on your wall.

YouTube video

Variations of the Square Knot

You might have already noticed that many Macrame knots are just east variations of the Square knot. Once you know how to do the Square knot, learning the spiral knot, berry knot, and butterfly knot should be no problem for you!

The Spiral Knot

The spiral knot is simply half of a Square knot that always repeats on the same side. While you repeat the knot, you’ll notice the cords start twisting.

When you get confused about how to proceed once it starts twisting, just remember to always start on the same side with the same cords. You can also gently twist the cords back so see where you were at and how to continue.

YouTube video

The Berry Knot

The Berry knot, also known as the Macadamia knot, is created by simply making 4 Square knots underneath each other. You can now pull the row of knots through the small open space you left above the row of knots to create the berry shaped knot. Easy does it!

YouTube video

The Butterfly Knot

The only thing you do here is leaving a little space between your Square knots. Once you’ve made two of them, simply move the second knot up to the first to create the butterfly shape.

YouTube video

Square Knot Macrame Patterns

The Square knot can be used in every type of Macrame project and when tied in different patterns, it will add many different styles to your pieces.

Alternating Square Knot Pattern

A very popular Square knot pattern is created by alternating the knots throughout your work.

YouTube video

Overlapping Square Knot Pattern

You can also alternate your Square knots by overlapping them in different layers.

YouTube video

Square Knot Circle Pattern

This Square knot circle pattern looks gorgeous in plant hangers or bigger Macrame wall hangings and is an interesting way of making the Square knot look very different.

YouTube video

Square Knot Fishbone Pattern

Now that you’re getting the hang of it, I’m convinced you’ll love to practice this Square knot fishbone pattern. This technique looks particularly amazing in circular modern Macrame pieces.

YouTube video

Square Knot Only Projects

Looking for fun projects to practice your Square knots? Then I’m sure you’ll love these easy Square knot tutorials for beginners created by the best YouTube Macrame teachers!

Square Knot Macrame Rainbow for Beginners

This cute Macrame Rainbow / Semicirlce is created by using just the Square knot. In case you need more info, check out my full blog post for this tutorial and get started today!

YouTube video

Macrame Square Knot Tutorial for Wall Hanging

Soulful Notions created this gorgeous easy Square knot wall hanging pattern for beginners that is perfect for practicing your technique for at least 30 minutes!

YouTube video

Macrame Square Knot Tutorial for Market Bag

Looking for a project you can bring with you and show off to your friends? Then make sure to try this wonderful Square knot only Macrame market bag tutorial by Soulful Notions.

YouTube video

Macrame Square Knot Tutorial for Plant Hanger

Create a pretty Macrame spiral Plant hanger with this original Square knot tutorial by Lots of Knots Canada.

YouTube video

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When you’re just starting out with a new hobby, it can be very beneficial (and lots of fun) to connect with fellow beginners for tips and positive encouragement.

Therefore I’ve created the Macrame for Beginners Facebook Group: a safe place where you can learn new knots & patterns, ask all your questions, and share your latest creations with our lovely & positive Macrame community. Come and join us, we’re happy to help you out!

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Square Knot Tutorial - #1 Macrame Knot Guide for Beginners

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