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17 Handmade Macrame Christmas Gifts Everyone Will Love

17 Handmade Macrame Christmas Gifts Everyone Will Love - Macrame for Beginners

Do you need some inspiration for thoughtful handmade Macrame Christmas Gifts your friends and family will love? Let me help you out with 17 easy tutorials for beginners!

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DIY Handmade Macrame Christmas Gifts

Surprise your friends and family with your amazing knotting skills and make them gorgeous handmade Macrame Christmas Gifts this year!

New to Macrame? Check my Complete Guide on How to Get Started with Macrame!

Whether you’re looking for Christmas-themed gifts or a thoughtful gift for your grandma, favorite auntie, and sisters, this list will surely help you decide what to make them!

17 Handmade Macrame Christmas Gifts Everyone Will Love - Macrame for Beginners

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I can’t wait to see what you’re making and wish you a wonderful time with your loved ones this holiday season.

Looking for the best Macrame supplies for your Christmas projects? Discover all my favorites in my new Macrame Christmas Decoration Supply Guide!

Macrame Christmas Supplies

A Box of Christmas Goodies

Make your loved ones a box of handmade Macrame Christmas Ornaments with this awesome video tutorial by Macrame teacher Crystal of Marching North!

YouTube video

DIY Macrame Mandala Mirror Tutorial

I would love to receive this stunning Macrame Mandala Mirror for Christmas! This awesome tutorial by Bochiknot teaches you exactly how to make one.

YouTube video

DIY Macrame Coasters Tutorial

Learn how to make this pretty Macrame coaster and gift it to your favorite auntie!

YouTube video

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DIY Macrame Mini Wreaths Tutorial

Make some last-minute Christmas Decorations to gift to your family with this super easy Macrame Ornament Tutorial by Soulful Notions!

YouTube video

More Macrame Christmas Decorations

Are you looking for more fun and easy beginner-friendly Christmas Projects? Then make sure to check out my complete Macrame Christmas Projects Guide with the best supplies and free patterns for beginners!

DIY Daisy Macrame Plant Hanger Tutorial

Who doesn’t love a plant hanger? Go crazy and make all of them. This is one by Simply Inspired is one of my favorites, and I’m sure your besties will love it too!

YouTube video

DIY Macrame Reindeer Ornament Tutorial

Surprise your family members with your creativity and make them a set of cute little Macrame Reindeer!

YouTube video

DIY Macrame Phone Bag Tutorial

Is your sister glued to her phone? Then I’m sure she’d love to get a pretty handmade Macrame Phone Bag with colorful flowers!

YouTube video

DIY Macrame Unicorn Tutorial

Do you have a little niece who loves unicorns? Of course, you do! Here’s one of my favorite tutorials of 2022 by Bochiknot to teach you how to make this perfect Handmade Macrame Christmas Gift!

YouTube video

DIY Macrame Instax Polaroid Photo Hanger

Share your favorite memories with this adorable and easy DIY Macrame Instax Polaroid Photo Hanger!

YouTube video

DIY Easy Macrame Wreath Tutorial

This gorgeous Macrame Wreath is perfect for every season! Learn how to make it and gift your mum or grandma a stunning wall hanging or door decoration this year.

YouTube video

Colorful DIY Macrame Plant Hanger Tutorial

I had to sneak one of my own tutorials in here 😉 But I’m sure everyone in your family would love to receive a colorful Macrame plant hanger like this!

YouTube video

DIY Macrame Tea Coasters Tutorial

Who doesn’t love a stack of pretty Macrame coasters? I’m sure your mum would love these!

YouTube video

DIY Macrame Yoga Mat Strap Tutorial

Gift your sporty friends a handmade Macrame Yoga strap, and learn how to make one in just 5 minutes!

YouTube video

DIY Nordic Macrame Wall Hanging Tutorial

Make your favorite relatives a cute winter-themed wall hanging and add some Hygge to their homes with this Macrame Pixel Art project by Simply Inspired.

YouTube video

DIY Reversible Macrame Market Bag Tutorial

This Reversible Market Bag is super easy to make and a great Handmade Macrame Christmas gift for friends and family!

YouTube video

DIY Macrame Water Bottle Holder Tutorial

These water bottle holders are a great idea for a Macrame Christmas Gift! Pick a cute water bottle and make this fun project with Jamie of Silent Knot.

YouTube video

DIY Macrame Flower Keychain Tutorial

Did your family members recently move into a new house? Then a cute Macrame flower Keychain makes for the perfect last-minute gift!

YouTube video

DIY Macrame Flat Basket Tutorial

For all the boho lovers in your family, this project is a winner! Learn how to make a Macrame flat basket with Greysmade.

YouTube video

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Happy Knotting!


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