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My Top 15 Colorful Bobbiny Cords to Make Your Macrame Projects Look Amazing – 2021 Macrame Cord Collection

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Discover my Top 15 favorite colorful Bobbiny cords to make your next Macrame project look amazing. From Blossom Pink to Peacock Blue, these gorgeous shades are the perfect addition to your Macrame cord collection for 2021!

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Bobbiny Cords for Macrame

It’s not a secret that I LOVE working with Bobbiny’s silky soft and colorful Macrame cords and I’m so happy with all the new gorgeous shades they’ve added to their collection over the years.

Discover my Top 15 colorful Macrame cords and make your 2021 projects look amazing!

Bobbiny Cord - Macrame Cords by Bobbiny - Macrame for Beginners

Sustainable Macrame cords

Bobbiny is operated by wife and husband Aleksandra and Tomasz from their small factory in Warsaw, Poland.

Bobbiny cords are eco-friendly, sustainable and 100% made of recycled cotton. Most importantly, they don’t use dye, water, or toxic chemicals in their production process.

Even the inner spools are made out of recycled paper which makes them completely biodegradable. How about that for sustainable Macrame cords!?

Bobbiny Cord - Macrame Cords by Bobbiny - Macrame for Beginners

All Bobbiny Macrame cords are produced in their own factory Poland and tested according to OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100, which means the cords are completely safe to use for all your super cute Macrame baby and toddler projects.

Bobbiny Cord Types

Most gorgeous shades listed below are available for all Macrame cord types they offer and come in all sizes. Choose from:

  • Single Twist Cords – Available in 1.5mm, 3mm, and 5mm
  • 3-Ply Cords – Available in 3mm, and 5mm
  • Braided Cords – Available in 3mm, 5mm, and 9mm
Macrame Cord Guide - 3-ply, braided and single twist cords - Macrame for Beginners

Where to buy Bobbiny cords?

Bobbiny ships worldwide via their website and Etsy Store but you can often also find great local Bobbiny cord stockists near you to save on shipping and delivery time.

Check this handy list we’ve created with the best online local Bobbiny cord stockists and order your favorite colors today!

Bobbiny Macrame Cord Collection

Before we dive into my 15 favorite colorful Bobbiny Macrame cords, they’re some other amazing shades I really want to show you first!

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My Top 15 Colorful Bobbiny Cords to Make Your Macrame Projects Look Amazing

Metallic Macrame Cords

First, let start off with Bobbiny’s amazing shiny Metallic Macrame Cords, which are available in Silver, Gold, Copper, and Champagne in size 3mm, Single twist cords.

Metallic Macrame Cords - Bobbiny

Not only do these shiny cords look super festive, but they’re also perfect to use with any of their other colorful cords so you can make your Macrame projects really stand out!

Sparkly Macrame Cords (Limited Edition)

If you love to add some pretty sparkles to your Macrame projects, then you’ll love these colorful cords with Gold and Silver threads.

Golden and Silverly Macrame Cords - Bobbiny Limited Edition

You can choose from Golden Wild Rose, Golden Blackberry, Golden Mocha, Golden Kiwi, Golden Natural, plus Silvery Jeans, and Silverly Misty.

Bobbiny’s Limited Edition cords are only available as Single twist in sizes 1.5mm, 3mm, and 5mm. Some color options are also available for their braided cords. Their Golden Natural is available for all cord types and in all sizes.

Natural Macrame Cords

If you’re looking for natural shades, Bobbiny has quite the selection to choose from. Take your pick from beautiful colors such as Moonlight, Sand, White, Pearl, Beige, and of course the standard Natural.

Natural Macrame Cords - Bobbiny

Grey Scale Macrame Cords

When you love to work with grey shades and darker colors, then these beautiful additions are perfect for you! Go for Light-Grey, Silver, Steel, Charcoal, Raw Denim, and Black.

Grey Scale Macrame Cords - Bobbiny

Colorful Macrame Cords

I won’t keep you waiting any longer and will finally show you my 15 favorite Colorful Macrame cords for 2021! Which colors will you pick for your next project?

I can’t wait to see your favorites, so make sure to join our amazing Macrame for Beginners Facebook Group and show off your beautiful projects to our 25K members!

#1 Blossom Macrame Cords

Blossom is one of their brand new colors they recently launched for their 2021 Spring Collection and it’s my all-time favorite shade to use for my Macrame projects!

Blossom Macrame Cords - Bobbiny

#2 Rainbow Dust Macrame Cords

Can’t decide on one color, go with their amazing Rainbow Dust and add all kinds of different colors to your beautiful Macrame projects!

Rainbow Dust Macrame Cords - Bobbiny

#3 Wild Rose Macrame Cords

This beautiful dark red shade with the name Wild Rose will make all your wall hangings, bags, and plant hangers look AMAZING! Wild Rose is also available as Golden Wild Rose, which means golden threads are woven into the color.

Wild Rose Macrame Cords - Bobbiny

#4 Blackberry Macrame Cords

This perfect purple shade Blackberry is one of my favorite go-to colors and matches perfectly with any of the other beautiful Bobbiny cords from their extensive Macrame cord collection. Blackberry is also available as Golden Blackberry.

Blackberry Macrame Cords - Bobbiny

#5 Misty Macrame Cords

Misty is such a calming and beautiful color and perfect for nursery projects. If you want to add some sparkles, make sure to get the Silverly Misty too!

Misty Macrame Cords - Bobbiny

#6 Blush Macrame Cords

This perfect pink color with the fitting name Blush is a must-have for your Macrame cord collection and a shade I often use for my Macrame bags, wall hangings, and keychains.

Blush Macrame Cords - Bobbiny

#7 Jeans Macrame Cords

Jeans is the perfect name for this dark blue shade and really gives your Macrame projects a modern and different look. Get this cord to make your work stand out even more! This color is also available as Silverly Jeans, with silver threads mixed into it.

Jeans Macrame Cords - Bobbiny

#8 Eucalyptus Macrame Cords

If you love to give your Macrame projects a more natural look, this beautiful light green color with the name Eucalyptus is perfect for you!

Eucalyptus Macrame Cords - Bobbiny

#9 Teal Macrame Cords

Teal is such an exciting color to work with and really draws attention to your beautiful Macrame projects. What will you make with this spectacular color?

Teal Macrame Cords - Bobbiny

#10 Mustard Macrame Cords

This pretty Mustard Yellow color never seems to go out of trend and will make all your Macrame home decor really stand out!

Mustard Macrame Cords - Bobbiny

#11 Dusty Pink Macrame Cords

You can never have enough pretty pink shades in your Macrame cord collection and this gorgeous Dusty Pink is one of my all-time favorite shades to work with!

Dusty Pink Macrame Cords - Bobbiny

#12 Peacock Blue Macrame Cords

This special blue color is such an eyecatcher! Make sure to get yourself some Peacock Blue Macrame cords this season and make your projects look amazing.

Peacock Blue Macrame Cords - Bobbiny

#13 Laurel Macrame Cords

This perfect shade with the name Laurel was one of the first shades I ever purchased from Bobbiny and has been on my shopping list ever since!

Laurel Macrame Cords - Bobbiny

#14 Terracotta Macrame Cords

This beautiful warm color named Terracotta is such a joy to work with. I used it for one of my large Macrame wall hangings and I got so many compliments from everyone!

Terracotta Macrame Cords - Bobbiny

#15 Avocado Macrame Cords

Last, but not least this gorgeous dark green shade with the name Avocado is such a perfect addition to your cord collection. I love to make plant hangers with this color to create the perfect green urban jungle in my home!

Avocado Macrame Cords - Bobbiny

Buy your Bobbiny Cords online

Bobbiny cords are available online and can be ordered on the Bobbiny website, Bobbiny’s Etsy shop, or via a local online cord stockist. Check this handy list to find a Bobbiny cord supplier near you to save on shipping costs!

Bobbiny Cord - Macrame Cords by Bobbiny - Macrame for Beginners

Are you excited to order yourself some beautiful Bobbiny Macrame cords? I can’t wait to see which ones you’ll choose for your next Macrame project. Make sure to share your amazing work in our Macrame for Beginners Facebook Group!

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My Top 15 Colorful Bobbiny Cords to Make Your Macrame Projects Look Amazing

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