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15 Festive Golden Macrame Cords to Make Your Christmas Projects Shine

Bobbiny Macrame Christmas Cords - Macrame Christmas Decoration Supplies 1

Are you looking for gorgeous festive Golden Macrame cords to use for your Macrame Christmas Decorations? Let me show you all my favorites!

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Golden Macrame Christmas Cords

Are you excited to work on your Macrame Christmas decorations? I sure am after filling my shopping cart with some gorgeous festive golden Macrame cords by Bobbiny!

Bobbiny cords are a joy to work with and are available worldwide. Find a local Bobbiny cord supplier to save on shipping costs!

If you need some inspiration for what to make, make sure to check my complete Macrame Christmas Guide with the best free tutorials and project supplies like stars and baubles!

Macrame Christmas Supplies

Golden Macrame Cords

Bobbiny recently launched a new collection of festive golden Macrame cords in shades Golden Sand, Golden Wine Red, and Golden Off White.

Golden Macrame cords are available in 3-Ply, Single twist, or Braided in sizes 1.5mm, 3mm, and 5mm.

Bobbiny Macrame Christmas Cords - Golden White Wine Red Sand - Macrame Christmas Decoration Supplies

You can also find Golden cords in shades Wild Rose and Blackberry. If you prefer Silver Macrame Cords you can choose from Silverly Jeans and Silvery Misty.

Each shade is available with or without the shimmering golden or silver thread.

Natural Golden Macrame Cords

If you prefer a more classic look, you can opt for Bobbiny’s classic Natural Macrame cords which are also available in a golden version.

Bobbiny Macrame Christmas Cords - Golden Natural - Macrame Christmas Decoration Supplies

Pine Green & Classic Red Macrame Cords

I recently learned that it’s quite hard to find a Classic Red Macrame cord so I’m super happy to share this bright red cord by Bobbiny with you.

The festive Christmas Red color matches perfectly with the Pine Green shade, don’t you think?

Bobbiny Macrame Christmas Cords - Classic Red and Pine Green - Macrame Christmas Decoration Supplies

Metallic 3-Ply Cords

Did you know that you can now order Bobbiny Metallic 3-Ply cords? Compared to the single twist version, these are much easier to work with.

You can choose from 5 different metallic shades: Champagne, Gold, Rose Gold, Silver, and Copper. Rose Gold is my absolute favorite and looks even better than in the photo.

Make sure to stock up on these beauties because you won’t be able to stop using them in all your Macrame Christmas projects!

Bobbiny Macrame Christmas Cords - Metallic Gold Silver Champagne Copper - Macrame Christmas Decoration Supplies

Macrame Christmas Decoration Tutorials

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