30+ Functional Macrame Projects That Will Put Your Skills To Good Use

30+ Functional Macrame Projects - How to Style Your Entire Home with Macrame

Do you need a good excuse to decorate your home with more Macrame? I feel ya! Here are 30+ super functional Macrame projects for every room in your house. Put your knotting skills to good use and discover them all!

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Functional Macrame Projects

Macrame can be used to create many different things, and most of us get started with wall hangings and plant hangers. But did you know you can also make super functional projects that can be put to good use all around your house?

From toilet roll holders for your bathroom to handy fruit hammocks to use in your kitchen, these 30+ practical Macrame projects are the perfect DIY solutions that every Macrame lover will enjoy!

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Macrame Cords & Supplies

Do you want to know where to buy your Macrame cords? Here’s a handy list of the best online cord sellers and Bobbiny cord stockists near you. For other supplies like rings or dowels, I recommend browsing Etsy.

If you want to learn how to set up your Macrame workspace, read my guide on How to Build the Perfect Macrame Workstation for our best tips and tools.

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30+ Functional Macrame Projects - How to Style Your Entire Home with Macrame

Functional Macrame Projects for Your Kitchen

Do you want to decorate your kitchen with more Macrame? These lovely projects not only look good, but they’re also super practical. Try them all!

Macrame Veggie Holder

This super handy and pretty Macrame produce hanger is just what your kitchen needs! Store your favorite vegetables and fruits and get started with this beginner-friendly tutorial by Saskia from Summer Macrame.

YouTube video

Macrame Hanging Shelf

Do you need more storage space in your kitchen? Then you must watch this great DIY Macrame Shelf video tutorial by Dan from Habit Made.

YouTube video

Macrame Hanging Fruit Basket

Hanging your fruit and veggies is the perfect solution to add more storage space and keeps your kitchen counters clutter-free! Here is my favorite Macrame hanging basket tutorial.

YouTube video

Macrame Fruit Hammock

If you want to create some extra storage for your fruit and veggies, you can make a fun little hammock to attach underneath your kitchen cupboards. You can check this Youtube tutorial to learn how to make one!

Macrame Wine Bottle Holders

Store your wine bottles in these fun Macrame wine holders. You can hang them anywhere in your kitchen, but they also make for the perfect last-minute gift when you’re going to a party!

YouTube video

Macrame Plant Hanger

Plant hangers are the perfect solution to keep fresh herbs like basil and cilantro in your kitchen. Make sure to hang them close to your window so they get enough light.

Need more help? Discover everything you need to get started and check our complete How to Make a Plant Hanger Guide!

Functional Macrame Projects for Your Bedroom

Do you want to add some romantic functional decor to your bedroom? These fun Macrame projects are just what you were looking for!

Macrame Headboard

I found the idea for making a Macrame Headboard on Pinterest and really loved it! Any large wall hanging can function as a Macrame headboard, and you can always alter the pattern so it will fit above your bed.

This is a great Youtube video tutorial to help you make an XL Macrame wall-hanging pattern. And if you need some more guidance, make sure to check out our guide on How to Make a Macrame Wall Hanging, which will answer all your questions!

Macrame Rug

This soft Macrame rug is perfect to use in your bedroom. You can place it on the floor or use it as decoration on your furniture. You could make this rug as big as you want if you have enough cords. Here’s a tutorial to teach you this pretty pattern.

YouTube video

Macrame Mandala Mirror

Macrame Mandala Mirrors look so cute in your bedroom, especially if you have a vanity. This beautiful tutorial by Bochiknot Macrame will teach you step-by-step how to make one!

If you need help finding the right supplies, read our How to Make a Macrame Mandala Guide and discover five more beginner-friendly tutorials!

YouTube video

Macrame Dreamcatcher

Send yourself good dreams and learn how to make a Dreamcatcher with this beginner DIY project by Rebecca from Vanir Creations. Don’t have the supplies? You can find handy starter kits on her website!

If you prefer a moon-shaped Macrame dreamcatcher, check out the interview I had with Rebecca and discover eight more of her best tutorials!

YouTube video

Functional Macrame Projects for Your Bathroom

Add some boho-style decor to your bathroom that is cute and functional. These three ideas are perfect for storing all your toiletry items.

Macrame Toilet Paper Holder

Yes, you can show off your amazing Macrame skills even on the toilet! Learn how to make a Macrame paper holder for your bathroom and kitchen with this beginner-friendly functional Macrame project by Made in May.

YouTube video

Macrame Ladder

This cute Macrame ladder can be functional throughout the house. You could use it in your kitchen for extra storage, in your nursery as decoration, and in your bathroom to hang your towels.

All you need to make this cute ladder are three dowels and some Macrame cords. This tutorial will help you create yours super fast!

YouTube video

Macrame Storage pods

If you need extra space to store your brush, makeup, or hairbands, you’ll love these little DIY Macrame pods by Chasta from Soulful Notions. Simply follow the step-by-step instructions in this video to get started!

YouTube video

Functional Macrame Projects for Your Living Room

Your living room is the perfect place to show off your Macrame skills. From lighting to a cat bed, I’m sure one of these ideas will make an appearance in your home soon!

Macrame Hat Hanger

Decorate your walls with your favorite hats and learn how to make my super simple Macrame Hat Hanger for beginners!

YouTube video

If you prefer written tutorials, you can also check my new PDF pattern with step-by-step instructions!

Easy DIY Macrame Hat Hanger Tutorial for Beginners (PDF) - Happy Knotting Macrame Patterns


Would you like to learn how to make this pretty Macrame Hat Hanger?

This easy pattern is perfect for beginners and includes two designs, step-by-step photos, written instructions + a handy Free Knot Guide.

Macrame Coasters

Macrame coasters are perfect for keeping your coffee table safe from marks and scratches. Lucky for us, Chasta from Soulful Notions has made many amazing tutorials to teach how to make your own Macrame coasters.

YouTube video

Here’s a gorgeous free pattern to get started with, but make sure to check her Youtube channel for more amazing Macrame coaster tutorials.

You can also learn how to make this cute Macrame Heart coaster! Download my free tutorial here and get started!

Macrame Guitar or Ukele Hanger

Display your beautiful instruments on the wall with this easy DIY Macrame Ukele hanger. Need one for your guitar? Then this Youtube tutorial is for you!

YouTube video

Macrame Cat hammock

Learn how to make a super cute and functional Macrame cat hammock! This beginner-friendly cat bed tutorial by Dan Soliman from Habit Made is just what you’re furry friends need to leave you alone while working on your next Macrame masterpiece!

How to Make a Gorgeous Macrame Cat Hammock with Habit Made - Free & Easy Macrame Cat Bed Tutorial

Macrame Curtains

Are you ready for a bigger project? Then try to make yourself some Macrame curtains. Keep it simple and start with just some beautiful Macrame curtain tie-backs!

Macrame Hanging Light

Add some simple boho lighting to your living room and make yourself a couple of gorgeous Macrame lights. This easy tutorial will show you step-by-step how to make yours!

YouTube video

Functional Macrame Projects for Your Dining Room

Decorating your dining room with Macrame is always a good idea! Invite some guests over, show off your pretty projects, and you might have landed yourself a new customer for your Macrame business!

Macrame Table Runner

You can find plenty of patterns for Macrame table runners on Youtube, but I love this Anthropology-inspired one the most. Learn how to make it and upgrade your dining table with this boho look!

YouTube video

Macrame Placemat

Decorate your table with some pretty Macrame placemats. This free Macrame placemat Youtube tutorial by Marching North only uses two basic knots and is super easy to make!

Macrame Chandelier

Macrame chandeliers will look great in every room of your home, but I think the dining table will be an excellent spot for it! You can find many different patterns online, but this easy tassel chandelier is a great one to start with!

YouTube video

Functional Macrame Projects for Your Kid’s Room

Do your kids have lots of toys and stuffies? Store them away with these handy Macrame toy hammocks, or go for a hanging basket!

Macrame Toy Hammock

Create some extra storage space for your kid’s favorite stuffies with this handy Macrame Toy Hammock. This helpful and fun tutorial by our featured teacher Saskia from Summer Macrame will teach you exactly how to make yours!

YouTube video

Macrame Corner Toy Hammock

If you prefer to make a teddy hammock to hang in the corner of a room, I recommend watching this second great toy hammock tutorial by Summer Macrame!

YouTube video

Macrame Hanging Toy Baskets

If you’re looking for a handy project to store more toys, then you’ll definitely want to make these beautiful hanging Macrame baskets by Chasta from Soulful Notions.

YouTube video

Functional Macrame Projects for Your Nursery

From cute Macrame decor to an actual Macrame baby cradle, your nursery is the perfect room to get creative with Macrame!

Macrame Nursery Mobile

Every baby should have a Macrame bunny mobile hanging above their bed to help them fall asleep. This DIY project by Bochiknot Macrame is too cute not to make!

YouTube video

Macrame Baby Cradle

Making your own Macrame baby cradle can be a lot of work but if you need a project to keep you busy during pregnancy this might be the one for you!

YouTube video

Macrame Baby Swing

These cute baby swings are just what your nursery and little ones need! Emily Faith has made a great tutorial that you can partly watch on Youtube. The full pattern is available on her website for only 4 dollars!

YouTube video

Functional Macrame Projects for Your Home Office

Organize your documents and important files and check out these super handy Macrame projects you can make for your home office!

Macrame Mail Holder

Neatly store all your incoming mail and make yourself a pretty mail or letter holder with this beginner-friendly tutorial by Chasta from Soulful Notions.

YouTube video

Macrame Magazine Rack

Store your magazines away in this functional Macrame magazine rack. If you like to do thrift-flips, then this is the tutorial for you!

YouTube video

Macrame Bookmarks

Never forget which page you were on and make yourself some handy Macrame bookmarks. You can find many patterns on Youtube but this is still my favorite!

YouTube video

Functional Macrame Projects for On-The-Go

Market bag

Learn how to make a pretty Macrame market bag with Chasta of Soulful Notions!

Macrame tutorial of the week - Macrame Market Bag by Soulful Notions

Pretty Purse

Easy DIY Macrame Bag Tutorial for Beginners


Would you like to learn how to make this gorgeous Macrame bag?

This easy Square Knot-only pattern is perfect for beginners and includes two designs, step-by-step photos, written instructions + a handy Free Knot Guide.

What Will You Make?

I hope these ideas haven given you a great excuse to do more Macrame. I’d love to know which projects you’ve made, so make sure to join our Macrame for Beginners Facebook Group and share your work with us!

Need more inspiration?

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30+ Functional Macrame Projects - How to Style Your Entire Home with Macrame

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