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Meet your Macrame Teachers

Macrame for Beginners has teamed up with some of the best Macrame teachers on YouTube and Instagram.

Discover all their wonderful step-by-step tutorials and get started with your own Macrame projects!

Macrame for Beginners - Marloes Ratten - Macrame Teacher

Macrame for Beginners

Hi everyone, my name is Marloes and I want to welcome you to my blog where I offer a platform for many amazing Macrame teachers to help you get started with Macrame!

I made a series of handy guides for beginners and created some super easy step-by-step project tutorials for you!

Best Macrame Teachers

Soulful Notions

Soulful Notions

Chasta Perry from YouTube channel Soulful Notions is the best Macrame teacher to show you how to make your own gorgeous home decor!

Macrame Teacher Habit Made

Habit Made

Dan Soliman from YouTube channel Habit Made is your girl when you’re looking to make beautiful bags, wall hangings, and cute home decor projects!

Vanir Creations

Vanir Creations

If you enjoy making Macrame dreamcatchers and wall hangings, you’ll love Rebecca’s YouTube channel Vanir Creations!

Bochiknot - Nicole - Macrame Teacher


Are you looking to make gorgeous bags, wall hangings, and the cutest nursery projects? Then you must check out Bochiknot!

Simply Inspired - Sheena Joy - Macrame Teacher

Simply Inspired

Learn how to make the most Macrame projects like pixel art wall hangings, plant hangers, and even Sheena’s famous Rose Knot!

Fibers of Mine - Sasha - Macrame Teacher

Fibers of Mine

Get creative and learn new interesting knots and patterns with the beautiful tutorials by Sasha of YouTube channel Fibers of Mine!

Curious Craft Studio - Tuija - Marame Teacher

Curious Craft Studio

Learn new knots, techniques, and how to make amazing Macrame projects with Macrame teacher Tuija from Curious Craft Studio!

myTotalHandmade - Ourania - Macrame Teacher


Learn how to make beautiful and unique Macrame patterns like 3D seashells and berry knot rainbows with teacher Ourania from myTotalHandmade! 

zliky - Anna Baginová - Macrame Teacher


Learn how to get started with Macrame, discover the best tools and make the most gorgeous projects with teacher Anna Baginová from uzliky! 

Summer Macrame - Saskia - Macrame Teacher

Summer Macrame

From beautiful wall hangings and plant hangers to super practical Macrame projects, Saskia of Summer Macrame will teach you how to make it all.

Macrame Teacher SilentKnot - Macrame for Beginners


Learn how to make gorgeous Macrame home decor projects with talented teacher Jamie of SilentKnot and discover all her amazing tutorials for beginners.

Macrame Teacher Share The Knot - Macrame for Beginners

Share The Knot

Discover new amazing knots and learn how to make the cutest beginner-friendly patterns with Christine of Share The Knot. 

How to get started with Macrame - Main Guide for Beginners

New to macrame? no worries!

Did you know most gorgeous Macrame projects you see online are created with just the 3 basic knots?

Discover my Macrame for Beginners Guides and let me teach you all the basics to help you get started with Macrame without feeling overwhelmed!

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