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How to Make a Beautiful Macrame Mandala – Knots + Supplies + 5 DIY Patterns

How to make a Macrame Mandala - Knots + Supplies + DIY Patterns - Macrame for Beginners

Learn how to make a beautiful Macrame Mandala! Let me show you which knots to learn, where to buy metal hoops or round mirrors, and where to find the best free DIY Macrame Mandala patterns in this handy guide for beginners!

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How to make a Macrame Mandala - Knots + Supplies + DIY Patterns - Macrame for Beginners

How to Make a Macrame Mandala

Once you’ve seen a Macrame Mandala, I guarantee you want to make one yourself! These beautiful Macrame Mandalas look great on your wall and combined with a mirror they make for the perfect low-budget home decor or bathroom project!

To attach your hoop to a mirror, simply use some hot-glue or fabric glue and apply it to the back of your Lark’s head knots.

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Which knots to learn for a Macrame Mandala

By just learning the 3 basic knots, you’ll be able to create many gorgeous Macrame Mandalas. Check out this handy video to learn the Lark’s head knot, square knot, spiral knot, and double half hitch knot!

YouTube video

Perfect your Double Half / Clove Hitch Knot

Most Macrame Mandala patterns use the diagonal Clove Hitch knot, which can be quite tricky when you’re just beginning with Macrame. Check out this super helpful video by Soulful Notions to perfect your technique!

YouTube video

Supplies for Macrame Mandalas

To make Macrame Mandalas you need Macrame cords and a hoop to attach your cords onto. Luckily there are plenty of colorful cords and hoops to choose from so you can design the handmade mandala of your dreams.

Best Macrame Hoops

Whether you’re looking for a thin metal hoop or a thicker wooden hoop, Etsy sells a wide variety of options for you to choose from. Click the link below to see my favorite Etsy products:

Metal or Wooden Hoops

Best Macrame Round Mirrors

If you’re looking for round (acrylic) mirrors, you can usually find them in your DIY / Hardware store or you can easily order them online on Etsy. Here are my 2 favorite and affordable options:

Round Acrylic Mirror (option 1: available from 2 to 24 inch)

Round Acrylic Mirror (option 2: available from 2 to 20.5 inch)

How to make a Macrame Mandala - Knots + Supplies + DIY Patterns - Macrame for Beginners

Best Macrame Cords for Mandalas

The best Macrame cords for making a Macrame Mandala are between 3mm up to 5mm in thickness and either single twist or 3-ply.

My favorite Macrame cords to make Mandalas are by a brand called Bobbiny. Their cords are super soft, easy to work with, and come in countless amazing colors and metallics!

I’ve also created this handy list with local online Bobbiny cord suppliers so you can save big on shipping!

How to Create the Perfect Fringe

Creating a fringe for your Macrame Mandala is pretty easy, especially when you use Bobbiny cords. Make sure to cut the cords first, gently comb them out and cut the fringe again until it looks perfect to you.

When you want to make sure you cut your fringe at the same length,you can use a piece of cardboard to measure the length to cut.

You can check my handy guide on how to set up your Macrame workstation for the best combs, brushes, and sharp scissors.

Macrame Work Boards for Mandalas

Because Mandalas are small projects to work on, you won’t need a big workspace or lots of tools. I recommend using a Macrame workboard to easily pin your work to a flat surface. You can also use tape to hold your hoop in place while knotting.

Free Macrame Mandala Patterns

Lucky for us there are many great Macrame teachers on Youtube that can teach us how to make beautiful macrame Mandalas.

TIP! Open the video on Youtube to view the instructions in the description for cutting cords and which cord type to buy for each pattern. You can slow down the speed of the video by opening the settings menu.

DIY Macrame Mandala Wall Hanging

YouTube video

DIY Macrame Mandala Mirror

YouTube video

DIY Macrame Flower Mandala

YouTube video

Beginner Friendly Macrame Mandala Mirror

YouTube video

Half Mandala Wall Hanging

YouTube video

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How to make a Macrame Mandala - Knots + Supplies + DIY Patterns - Macrame for Beginners

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