Start Your Holiday Shopping With This Knotty Macrame Gift Guide – 10 Macrame Stocking Stuffers

Start Your Holiday Shopping With This Knotty Gift Guide - 10 Macrame Stocking Stuffers

I’ve collected my favorite stocking stuffers in my new Macrame Gift Guide! Discover the 10 best Macrame Christmas Gifts for yourself and your knotty loved ones!

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Macrame Gift Guide for Christmas

Are you looking for some low-budget and/or small Macrame Gifts? Check out my 10 favorite Macrame Stocking Stuffers for this holiday season in my new Macrame Gift Guide!

1- Pretty Macrame Beads

Macrame beads are the perfect accessory for your Macrame plant hangers and wall hangings.

Gorgeous Ceramic Beads and Tubes for Macrame by Stacia Schaefer Design

You can choose from simple wooden ones on Etsy or these gorgeous ceramic Macrame beads by talented artist Stacia Schaeffer.

2 – Fringe Cutting Tools

If you’re struggling with cutting a neat fringe for your Macrame coasters or earrings, these fringe trimming guides are a lifesaver!

Product Review Macrame Earrings Fringe Trimming Tools by Ket Mercantile

Not only will they speed up the process, but you’ll also never have issues cutting straight lines again. Best used with a rotary cutter and self-healing cutting mat.

You can order guides for round/square coasters, earrings, and feathers.

3 – Rotary Cutter

A rotary cutter comes in super handy when you want to cut a straight fringe for earrings, feathers, and coasters.

I recommend the Rotary Cutters by Fiskars. In combination with a fringe cutting tool, you’ll be unstoppable in 2023!

TIP: Did you know that you can knot your own Macrame Christmas Stocking? Here’s a fun DIY Macrame Christmas Stocking tutorial!

4 – Scissors

You’ll be doing a lot of cutting cords and fringes with Macrame, so some sharp scissors are a must.

Macrame tools for Beginners - Macrame photo instructions tutorials

Fiskars Fabric or All-purpose Sheers are perfect for more heavy-duty work. For precision cutting, you can get some small pointy embroidery scissors!

5 – Earring Findings

I had to add these to my Macrame Gift Guide! If you love making Macrame earrings, you must try some of these cute Macrame earring findings. Choose from different shapes and materials and get creative!

All For Knotting Macrame Earring Findings Spring Summer 2022 Collection

6 – Macrame Brush

I love using my pet brush to quickly brush out my fringes. These ones are perfect and offer a good grip to speed up your fringe-cutting game!

7 – RIT Dye

Bored of your white Macrame cords? Get yourself some RIT Dye and add some color to your Macrame pieces!

8 – Digital Patterns

Digital PDF Macrame patterns are perfect for beginners that enjoy written instructions with step-by-step photos.

10 Best Macrame DIY KITS for Beginners - Favorite Etsy Picks - Macrame Half Mandala DIY Kit for Beginners

I’ve gathered my favorites (plus handy DIY Macrame Kits) for your to try!

9 – Project Supplies

From dowels and metal stars to wooden beads and cute pottery, there are so many amazing supplies and cords you can order for your Macrame projects.

GUIDE - Where to buy Macrame Cords near me - Buying Macrame cords localy - Worldwide shipping - Macrame for Beginners

Find them all in my Macrame Project Supplies Guide and pick your favorites!

10 – Etsy Gift Card

Not sure what to ask or gift? Get an Etsy Gift Card so you can decide later! There are so many Macrame products available in local Etsy shops that I’m sure you’ll find something to your liking!

More Macrame Gift Ideas

Besides this Macrame Gift Guide, you can find plenty of other handy tools and awesome supplies in my Macrame Shopping Guide.

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