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10 Tips to Make Your First Macrame Craft Market a Success + Booth Display Ideas for Your Inspiration

10 Tips to Make Your First Macrame Craft Market a Success - Offhand Fibers Macrame Booth

Get the best advice for setting up your Macrame Booth at a local craft fair. Here are 10 insightful tips to make your first Macrame Craft Market a success!

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How to prepare for your first Macrame Craft Market?

Are you getting ready for your first Macrame Craft Market? How exciting!

Don’t be nervous, I’ve gathered the best tips from our Macrame community to help you prepare for the big day, make an eye-catching booth and sell out all your beautiful projects!

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10 Tips to Make Your First Macrame Craft Market a Success + Booth Display Ideas for Your Inspiration

How to set up your Macrame Booth at a Craft Market

Here are my 10 best tips to help you prepare for your craft market, set up your booth, and run it!

1 – Keep your Booth organized and clutter-free

When you attend a Macrame craft market it’s not about displaying everything you created but presenting a selection of your best work in a way that speaks to customers walking by your booth.

To make sure your work stands out, it’s important your stall looks organized and free of any clutter. Every different item you’re selling should be clearly visible at a glance.

10 Tips to Make Your First Macrame Craft Market a Success Nicole
Nicole Brandecker’s lovely Macrame Booth / @nicolebrandeckerart

To make sure customers can see all your products, it’s helpful to create different heights and dimensions on your table with product displays and raised platforms. For small items, you can set up some baskets on your table. People love to dig for goodies!

To prevent damage and germs, I recommend only showing examples of the products you have for sale. This way people can freely touch everything you have to offer and you can keep the rest safely in stock.

Your stock is most often kept under your booth table, with all your items pre-packaged and ready to sell.

10 Tips to Make Your First Macrame Craft Market a Success Nicole
Nicole Brandecker’s Macrame Booth / @nicolebrandeckerart

Before you set up your booth at the venue, I strongly recommend designing and testing the layout of your table and product displays at home.

Need some feedback before you attend your first Macrame Craft Market? Share your photos in our Macrame Business Support Group so we can help you out!

2- Invest in Craft Fair Display Supplies

If you’re looking for handy display products for your Macrame booth, I recommend checking my favorite must-haves on my Craft Fair Supplies Amazon Shopping List!

Here are some of the items that are useful to have:

For more tips check out my complete Amazon shopping list with Macrame Craft Market Booth Supplies!

TIP: Make sure to bring a comfy chair, a water bottle, and plenty of snacks to get you through the day!

3 – Add the Bestsellers to your Macrame Booth

Small items that have a low price point often sell fast and best. This is especially true for local craft markets where people might not have a high budget or are very familiar with Macrame (yet).

10 Tips to Make Your First Macrame Craft Market a Success Bestsellers

In many cases, craft fair visitors are often more inclined to spend money on useful items so it helps when some of the items you offer are functional like wristlets and plant hangers.

What are the best-selling Macrame items?

Here are some low-cost Macrame products you should always bring to a Macrame Craft Market and have on display in your Booth:

TIP: If you’re selling plant hangers, make sure to bring some plant pots. They don’t need to be for sale but people like the option to see what sizes and shapes will fit in them.

Macrame Christmas Market Bestellers

Are you attending a Christmas Craft Market? Here are some of the bestsellers you can add to your booth:

Check this Facebook Group post in our community to discover more Christmas bestsellers!

Cater to your audience

It’s important to cater to your audience and offer items they’re looking for. It can help to check what kind of items will be sold at your local craft market and see if you can anticipate the visitor’s needs.

For example, if the craft fair hosts many handmade fashion sellers it will attract visitors looking for something to wear. Try adding some bracelets or headbands to your collection so your table draws more attention.

If the focus of the craft fair is on art, make some handy Macrame art frames so visitors can use your products to hang up their purchases.

4 – Pay attention to your Esthetics

I highly recommend spending a good amount of time designing and creating your own style.

A small selection of your best patterns in a set color scheme can make your booth look more put-together and less overwhelming, resulting in more sales.

A color scheme can be connected to your brand, to the season, or to the current collection you’re working on. For inspiration, I recommend browsing Instagram and checking out this amazing account with examples by Desert Home Co.

5 – Use clear pricing

Make sure all your items are priced with a branded price tag to prevent answering questions about pricing all day.

For a quick overview of your pricing range, you can use a changeable letterboard to display your main items for sale.

TIP: Use upselling and always try to persuade a customer to buy something additional or more expensive, optionally with a small discount.

10 Tips to Make Your First Macrame Craft Market a Success - Offhand Fibers Macrame Booth
Beautiful Macrame Booth by Megan / @offhandfibers > Check out her amazing Instagram for Makers Course

6 – Offer different Payment options

It’s important to offer different payment options. Preferably cash and a service like Venmo.

Although most visitors will bring cash, lots of them don’t want to spend it right away. Offering options to let them pay with cards can therefore be a huge plus! You can use a cheap Square Card Reader for this.

TIP: Mention your Venmo handle on your letterboard so it’s easy for people to make payments.

7 – Have business cards available

Make sure you have business cards or branded flyers available to hand out to visitors and other vendors.

Be brave and also hand out your information to people who might not seem too interested at first, you never know what it might bring!

Always add some extra business cards to your packaging when selling an item so your new customers can spread the love with their friends.

QR codes can be helpful to quickly share your Instagram or Etsy shop. Have one printed and displayed in your booth!

8 – Keep enough stock

In the beginning, it will be difficult to determine what items are going to be bestsellers. And what items sell best can also heavily depend on the type of market. But no stress, all that will become clearer once you’ve attended a few more Macrame craft fairs.

How many items should I bring to a Macrame craft market?

Without burning yourself out, I recommend making as many items as you can. It’s best to start working on the bigger pieces a few weeks in advance and leave the smaller ones till last.

Aim to get your full stock ready a few days before so you have the days leading up to the event for the final touches, such as attaching price tags.

For small items such as keyrings and earrings, I advise stocking at least 10 products in each color. For bigger items, you can just make a couple of extras. Once you figure out your bestsellers, you can prepare more stock for them next time.

9 – Package your items nicely

Use eco-friendly paper bags to hand out to customers and make sure to use bubble wrap or honeycomb packing paper for more delicate items.

It’s best to pre-package smaller items such as keyrings and earrings so you can quickly hand them over.

10 Tips to Make Your First Macrame Craft Market a Success - Packaging supplies

TIP: Have some cute wrapping paper on hand in case someone mentions they’re buying a present! It’s all in the details 🙂

10 – Enjoy & Connect

Even though your booth looks stunning and your products amazing, it can still happen that you’re not making many sales.

Even our most talented Group members have shared they have bad sales days at the craft markets they attend. It’s not always about your products or how your booth looks, sometimes people are simply not in the mood to buy Macrame.

TIP: Work on your pieces when there’s no one at your table. I’m sure some of the visitors would love to see how you make your products and it’s a great conversation starter!

Take your learnings and try again at the next craft market! Always use each of these events to connect with other vendors and visitors.

But most importantly, have fun! I mean, OMG you’re in your own freaking Macrame Booth and that’s an amazing accomplishment on its own! CONGRATS!

10 Macrame Booth Examples for your Inspiration

In case you need some inspiration to design your own Macrame Booth, you can check out the following 10 Macrame artists and their amazing setups below!

The Lark’s Head Shop

Rachel of the Lark’s Head runs a successful Macrame business and regularly attends craft markets. You can read all about her experience and the design secrets of her booth in this extensive blog post with her best craft show tips.

As you can see she has a very specific art style and isn’t afraid to show it. Most of her projects are made within the same set of colors and are neatly displayed which gives her booth a lovely look & feel that’s easy to the eye.

Don’t you just love her painted wooden pegboards?! You can see Rachel set up her Macrame booth in this Reel and get a tour of her Booth in this one!

Makramee Lana

This cute little Macrame Booth by Makramee Lana looks just stunning! It only displays a small collection of boho items in natural colors so it’s super easy to see what you can buy. Combined with the boho styling accessories, this table looks super inviting!

Ashley’s Macrame

Ashley loves a pop of color in her projects and this Macrame booth definitely reflects that! The branded tablecloth gives this table a super personal feel and is a great way to get your name and Instagram handle out there.

Offhand Fibers

This gorgeous Macrame Booth by Megan of Offhand Fibers is so well organized! I love the handy displays for her wristlets and disco balls and the pretty wall panels are perfect to display your best Macrame wall hangings.

The color scheme makes every product match and gives the whole booth some beautiful aesthetics. You can see a tour of Megan’s most recent booth in her Instagram Reel.

Megan also teaches an amazing Instagram for Makers course that I definitely recommend checking out!

Nicole Brandecker Art

Nicole’s booth always looks super cute and displays a great collection of her pieces. You can watch her set up her most recent booth in this Reel.

Snow Many Knots

Pegboards are perfect to display your items and I love how So Many Knots has set hers up.

You can find pegboards on Amazon in white or made of wood. If you like to be creative, these boards are super fun to paint so you can make them look even fancier!

Jamia Nagayo Caparas

Jamia offers a fun selection of small products like cute cactus keyrings and headbands. This tiny table is a good example of how you can show a lot of your work if you use good product displays! You can see more details in her Instagram Reel!

Country Rose Knots

This simple table by Country Rose Knots is such an eye-catcher! I love the matching colors and the way everything is so neatly displayed.

A white tablecloth, some small baskets, and cute (fake) plants are cheap ways to instantly make your table look more attractive.

Lovely Macrame Shop

This cute little Booth by Justine of the Lovely Macrame Shop is super pleasing to the eye and I love the branded banner in the back.

Less is more on this table and I love how quickly I can see all my options. The pink velvet letterboard is super cute (and available on Amazon in multiple colors so you can match it with your own style)!

Hodgepodgery Goods

In case you have a big space to fill, this Booth by Cecile of Hodgepodgery Goods is a great inspiration. You can see a video tour of her most recent booth in this Instagram Reel.

That’s a Wrap!

I hope this post was informative and that you feel better prepared for your first or next Macrame craft market. Make sure to join our Macrame Business Support Facebook Group if you have any more questions!

If craft markets are not your thing, don’t worry! There are many ways you can generate income with your Macrame skills.

From teaching tutorials on Youtube to selling patterns on Etsy, here are 10 more ways to make money with Macrame that might be of more interest to you!

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10 Tips to Make Your First Macrame Craft Market a Success + Booth Display Ideas for Your Inspiration

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