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3 Super Handy Macrame Fringe Trimming Tools for Coasters and Earrings by Ket Mercantile – Product Review

Product Review Macrame Earrings Fringe Trimming Tools by Ket Mercantile

Always cut the perfect fringe for your Macrame earrings and coasters with the super handy Macrame Fringe Trimming Tools by Ket Mercantile!

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Macrame Fringe Trimming Tool

Are you looking for an easy and fast way to perfectly trim your Macrame coasters and earrings? Then these acrylic fringe cutting guides are just what you needed! Available in square, round and oval shapes.

Macrame Fringe Trimming Tool for Earrings

When I started making Macrame earrings, I really struggled with cutting a perfectly straight edge. But that was until I got Ket Mercantile’s Macrame Earring Fringe Cutting Tool.

Product Review Macrame Earring Fringe Trimming Tools by Ket Mercantile

With the Macrame earring fringe trimming tool, you get multiple options to create the perfect V-shape, rounded shape, or straight edge for all your earring designs. And it’s so fast!

Watch me use the Macrame Fringe Trimming Tool for my earrings in this Instagram Reel!

Macrame Fringe Trimming Tools for Coasters

If you struggle with giving your square or round Macrame coasters a uniform look, this tool is definitely a game changer.

Product Review Macrame Coaster Fringe Trimming Tools by Ket Mercantile

Speed up the process of creating your Macrame coasters and make them look perfect every time! The coaster fringe trimming tool is available in a square and round shape.

How to Use a Fringe Trimming Tool

To make the perfect Macrame fringe you need a rotary cutter, a self-healing cutting mat, and one of Ket Mercantile’s handy fringe cutting tools for coasters or earrings.

Product Review Macrame Earrings Fringe Trimming Tools by Ket Mercantile

You can also buy a complete set with a rotary cutter, ruler, and cutting mat on Amazon.

Place the cutting guide where you want the fringe to end and use your rotary cutter to cut off the access cords along the edges.

Other Handy Macrame Tools

Discover more handy Macrame tools or browse Ket Mercantile’s Etsy shop for pretty Macrame cords! Free US shipping on orders of $35 or more (pre-tax)*.

Macrame Cord Spool Holder

If you struggle to keep your cord spool in place when cutting cords for your project, this Macrame cord dispenser is the perfect solution!

Macrame Brush

The special bamboo Macrame Fringe Brush will save you a lot of time compared to using a regular comb for creating the perfect smooth and straight fringe.

Product Review Macrame Brush by Ket Mercantile

Macrame Earring Findings

Besides handy tools, Ket Mercantile also sells a great selection of beautiful Macrame earring findings.

Product Review Macrame Earrings Fringe Trimming Tool by Ket Mercantile

Raving Reviews Macrame Fringe Trimming Tool

It’s not just me who loves using Ket Mercantile’s handy Macrame fringe trimming tools. Here is a selection of 5-Star Etsy Shop Reviews for her awesome Macrame Fringe Cutting Tools:

  • This thing is seriously SO AMAZING!! The hole in the center makes it so much easier to cut, and I love the different thicknesses so I can choose the size of my fringe. Makes my job so much easier!!
  • This makes my coasters look so much more uniform!
  • Omgosh!! This tool is a huge game changer!! I just cut 6 pairs of earrings VERY evenly in less than 10 minutes!! I love this!
  • This tool has been a game changer for my macrame earrings! I get a clean and straight cut every time in a fraction of the time it used to take. I will never make earrings again without it!

Order Your Macrame Fringe Trimming Tool today!

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