Hooray! Macrame for Beginners Turns ONE – Celebrating Our 1 Year Anniversary

Hooray! Macrame for Beginner turns ONE – Celebrating Our 1 Year Anniversary

I can’t believe it’s already one year ago that I hit the button to publish macrameforbeginners.com. Never did I dream this blog would grow into such a big success in just 365 days. Thanks for all your support, what an amazing ride!

I’m so proud of what this blog has achieved in just one year:

  • Recently the blog hit 150.000 page views per month
  • I partnered with Adthrive and may now call myself an ‘Elite Cafemedia Publisher’
  • Already 25.000 amazing people have joined our wonderful Macrame for Beginners Facebook Group
  • Our recently launched Monthly Macrame Challenge FB Group is almost at 1K members yay!
  • We’re doing great on Pinterest with 6m monthly views and almost 10K followers
  • And finally, we reached 1.5K followers on Instagram woop woop!

So, when I think back to last year, sitting behind my desk and ready to share my project with the world, it feels a bit unreal to see these amazing numbers. Of course, I hoped the blog would do well, but never did I think it would get as big as it is today!

Launching Macrameforbeginners.com

It’s actually quite a scary thing to launch a blog and show everyone your hard work, especially because I started writing about a topic I was (and still am) studying.

But, if there’s one thing I learned in 2020 is that you don’t have to be an expert on a topic to start a blog about it. Because honestly, being a beginner myself actually really helped me to connect with readers and Facebook group members.

Thanks to the input and questions from our members, I was able to write better helpful guides and articles. Not just for them, but also for me because I wanted to fully understand these topics too.

So, if you ever considered creating your own blog, start now so we can celebrate our success together next year!

Hooray! Macrame for Beginner turns ONE – Celebrating Our 1 Year Anniversary text

What a journey

It’s been such a fulfilling journey to watch readers and members successfully start with their first Macrame projects. It makes me feel like a proud mom when I see all the beautiful wall hangings, plant hangers, or bags made by our community.

And although I’m excited to show you these crazy numbers and statistics, my biggest achievement this first year has been learning Macrame with the positive and beginner-friendly community we’ve created together.

It’s been such an honor to connect with all our lovely members and the amazing Macrame artists and teachers that decided to join us this year.

Thank you

Thank you for teaching me and inspiring me to create new helpful guides and posts for you. But most of all, thank you for making my year and helping me grow macrameforbeginners.com into such a kind and positive community!

Follow macrameforbeginners.com on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest to never miss out on any new fun projects. Talk soon!

If you have any questions, ideas for a blog post, or if you would like to collaborate with me, please send me a message via the Contact Form on my About page.

Happy Knotting


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