Macrame for Beginners Celebrates 10.000 Facebook Group Members!

Macrame for Beginners Celebrates 10.000 Facebook Group Members

I’m super proud and excited to announce that we have reached the amazing milestone of 10.000 members in the Macrame for Beginners Facebook Group!

I can’t tell you how surreal this feels, as I still remember all too well being the only member in the group not that long ago. Never in a million years did I expect to welcome the 10.000th member just 7 months later.

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A BIG thank you to our members

What makes me even happier is how our Facebook Group has grown into such a positive and helpful community.

Although the moderators and I work really hard to make sure beginners feel safe to share their first creations, I’m beyond thankful to everyone who takes the time to leave such kind and encouraging comments.

Macrame for Beginners Celebrates 10.000 Facebook Group Members

Especially this year, where it has been challenging to meet up with our friends and family, it”s been such a blessing to connect with other like-minded and kind people in our group and talk about nothing else but knots.

It feels like I made 10.000 new friends in 2020 and I’m very grateful to everyone who’s joined our lovely community. Thank you for making this group so amazing!

Extra love for our moderators

I’m also very thankful to have found such great and caring moderators who help me manage the group and accept new members on a daily basis. You’re the best!

Thank you so much for your hard work Caroline, Lori, and Katina! I’m looking forward to growing the group even bigger with you all!

A huge shout-out to our teachers

Did you know some of our group members are super talented YouTube Macrame teachers?

It’s been such an honor to talk to Chasta from Soulful Notions, Rebecca from Vanir Creations, and Dan Soliman from Habit Made and ask them all about their love for the art of knotting.

Macrame for Beginners Celebrates 10.000 Facebook Group Members

I can’t wait to connect with even more talented teachers next year and I’m very much looking forward to sharing their story and awesome tutorials with you all!

2021 Goals for Macrame for Beginners

Not only did our Facebook Group grow super fast since launch, but macrameforbeginners.com also started welcoming around 50.000 visitors each month. Which is insane!

Talking to so many group members on a daily basis has really helped me understand what questions beginners have and allowed me to develop much better step-by-step and how-to guides.

Thank you my lovely Knotties! Keep those questions coming and I’ll make sure we can all learn from them to make Macrame for Beginners the #1 Macrame platform and the go-to place for all beginners in 2021!

Join the Macrame for Beginners Facebook Group here

Love ya!

XO Marloes

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