How To Get Started With Macrame

Below you’ll find the best resources to help you get started with Macrame

Step 1: Learn the Essentials

If you’re new to Macrame, make sure you read through these 4 guides which cover all the basics and questions about Macrame you might have.

How to get started with Macrame for Beginners - Macrame for Beginners Guide - Basics

How To Get Started

Did you know Macrame is super easy to learn? Get started with the basics and find out!

How to choose the right macrame cords - Macrame for Beginners Guide - Basics

How To Choose The Right Cords

Learn more about each cord type and how to decide which one to use for your projects.

How to set up your macrame workstation - Macrame for Beginners Guide - Basics

How To Set Up Your Workstation

Learn how to set up the perfect Macrame workstation for both big and small projects!

How to estimate macrame cord lengths - Macrame for Beginners Guide - Basics

How To Measure Cord Lengths

Learn the basic rules for calculating how much cord length you need for your patterns.

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Step 2: Choose Your Project

Now that you’ve learned the essentials, it’s time to decide what you want to make!

How to Make a Macrame Wall Hanging – Knots + Supplies + Patterns

How To Get Started

How to Make a Macrame Plant Hanger – Knots + Supplies + Patterns

Plant Hanger

How to Make a Macrame Bag & Purse – Knots + Supplies + DIY Patterns


How to make Macrame Earrings - Knots + Supplies + Patterns - Macrame for Beginners


Learn The Essential Knots

Square Knot Guide Macrame for Beginners

Square Knot Guide

Knot Guide - Lark's Head Knot Tutorial - Variations and Alternatives

Lark’s Head Knot Guide

Shop My Favorites

Discover my favorite Macrame project supplies and where to buy the right tools to get started!

10 Best Macrame DIY KITS for Beginners - Favorite Etsy Picks - Macrame Half Mandala DIY Kit for Beginners

DIY Kits

Pick your favorite project and order a handy DIY Kit!

Join our community

Connect with other beginners and talented teachers to develop your Macrame skills faster!

August Monthly Macrame Challenge - Macrame Half Mandala by Fibers of Mine

Join Our Monthly Macrame Challenge

Challenge yourself and learn new Macrame knots and techniques, with monthly new projects!

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