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GANXXET Cord Review – Your Favorite One-Stop Shop for Everything Macrame!

anxxet Cord Review - Macrame Supplies for Beginners - Macrame Cords and Supplies

Ganxxet is your one-stop shop for stunning eco-friendly Macrame cords in beautiful ombre colors. Learn more in my Ganxxet Cord Review and discover their best Macrame supplies!

Affiliate links may be sprinkled throughout the awesome, free content below. I’ll receive a small commission when you purchase from my (Amazon) links (at no extra cost to you), which I’ll happily spend on more colorful macrame cords!

About Ganxxet

GANXXET is your sustainable one-stop eco-friendly shop for all your fiber supplies. Whether you’re into Macrame, weaving, or crochet & knitting, GANXXET offers a wide range of cord options and accessories for all your handmade crafts.

Use discount code MACRAMEFORBEGINNERS for 10% off your order on Ganxxet.com!

Our Macrame for Beginners Facebook Group with over 80k+ members loves working with Ganxxet cords and often share how wonderful their projects look when using their products.

Ganxxet is who I use for 4mm Single Strand Cords and I absolutely love it!

Amanda F. (Facebook Group Member)

The only cord I buy! Love Ganxxet!

Kristen P. (Facebook Group Member)

Ganxet (with one X) means Crochet in Catalan, the native language of lovely founder Nuria. The double XX in Ganxxet is a little hidden message that means ‘girls united”. You pronounce it like this Gan-shsh-e-t, stressed on the last syllable.

Ganxxet Macrame Cords Review - Macrame Supplies for Beginners - Ganxxet Atelier

You can visit Nuria in her Ganxxet Atelier in Miami to say hi and admire her gorgeous fiber paradise!

Ganxxet Cord Review

One of my favorite things about Ganxxet Macrame Cords is their collection of stunning cord shades that allow you to create a beautiful ombre effect in your Macrame pieces.

Ganxxet Macrame Cords Review - Macrame Supplies for Beginners - Macrame color shades ombre

Ganxxet Zero Waste and Recycled Macrame cords are all eco-friendly produced. You can choose from the following cord types:

  • Single Strand: 0.5, 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, and 8 mm
  • 3-Ply: 2, 3, and 5 mm
  • Braided: 2, 4, 6, 8, 9, and 10 mm

Try before you buy! Ganxxet offers the option to order samples for you to look, touch and feel the quality and color variety of their cord.

You will receive a 100 grams bundle that you can use to make keychains and earrings to experience the high quality of Ganxxet products. How cool is that?!

Use discount code MACRAMEFORBEGINNERS for 10% off your order on Ganxxet.com!

Outdoor Macrame Cords

If you’re looking for waterproof Macrame cords for outdoor Macrame projects, you can use these amazing Outdoor Macrame Cords.

Outdoor Macrame cords are available in 3 mm and 5 mm 3-ply and 6 mm braided.

Ganxxet Macrame Cords Review - Macrame Supplies for Beginners - Macrame Outdoor cords

Outdoor macrame cords can withstand prolonged exposure to the sun as well as moisture and will keep your hammocks, wall hangings, plant hangers, or curtains looking amazing for a long time. 

Ganxxet Wholesale Macrame Cords

If you’re interested in ordering large quantities of Ganxxet cords, you can apply for a Ganxxet Wholesale Account to receive a discount. The minimum order value for the Wholesale Program is $300.

Supplies for Macraweaving

Ganxxet offers everything you need to make a gorgeous Macraweave. Choose from vegan roving wool, Merino roving wool, sari silks, and much more!

Use discount code MACRAMEFORBEGINNERS for 10% off your order on Ganxxet.com!

Macrame Tools & Accessories

Whether you’re looking for Macrame beads, wooden rings, a fringe brush, or keychain clasps, you can easily add some handy Macrame supplies to your order when you shop at Ganxxet so you have everything you need to get started!

Ganxxet Macrame Cords Review - Macrame Supplies for Beginners - Macrame Tools Supplies

Ganxxet Free Shipping

Ganxxet offers FREE shipping in the USA for orders over $95 and FREE shipping in Canada for orders over $150/$200 (depending on your region).

Although Ganxxet offers worldwide shipping, the shipping fee will depend on the package size, the country you live in, and the shipping method you choose. When you choose international shipping, please be aware that your order may be subject to import taxes and customs fees.

Use discount code MACRAMEFORBEGINNERS for 10% off your order on Ganxxet.com!

Ganxxet Macrame Cords Review - Macrame Supplies for Beginners - Holiday Christmas Collection

Join the Ganxxet Inner Circle

Do you love using Ganxxet fibers for your Macrame projects? Help spread the word!

Ganxxet offers a great customer loyalty program to earn points and rewards. Join their inner circle for exclusive benefits and get up to $50 off your order when you refer friends.

You can also join the Ganxxet Affiliate Program to receive a 10% commission on each sale made with your affiliate links.

More Macrame Cords

I hope you enjoyed reading my Ganxxet cord review. To find more great Macrame cord suppliers, check out my blog post with our community’s favorite local (Bobbiny) cord suppliers or view my handy Shopping Guide with all the top Macrame cord brands!

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