Bobbiny just added 3 new gorgeous Fall colors to their Macrame cord assortment. Are you ready to discover Kiwi, Blackberry, and Wild Rose?

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I’m so excited about the new beautiful colors that Bobbiny just revealed for their new Fall collection! The new additions will be available for the entire range of Bobbiny cords, from the smallest Bobbiny Macrame 1.5 mm cords up to the 9 mm Jumbo cords. Yay!

Bobbiny Macrame Cords Fall Colors

Which color is your favorite? I’m totally in love with Wilde Rose and Blackberry and will definitely start making some gorgeous things with those colors very soon!

Order your favorite colors today and get ready to start with your Autumn projects! I can’t wait to see what you’ll be making next! Make sure to join our Facebook Group and share your pretty creations with other beginners!

Updated Color Collection

Bobbiny will, unfortunately, also remove quite some colors from their assortment. Say goodbye to Navy, Classic Blue, Mint, Baby Pink, Lavender, Blonde, Maroon, Forest, Washed out Denim, Brown, Red, Peach, and all glitter colors except Golden Natural. If you still want to order one of these pretty colors, make sure to do it fast because they won’t be restocked!

About Bobbiny

Bobbiny is operated by wife and husband Aleksandra and Tomasz from Warsaw, Poland. Their small and cozy factory produces high-quality eco-friendly Macrame cords and uses no water, dyes, or toxic chemicals in the process of production. The company also continuously works on saving energy and reducing CO2 emissions.

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Not only are Bobbiny’s cords wonderful to work with and silky soft on your fingers but they’re also very easy to unravel, which makes them perfect for beginners!

Whether you’re based in the U.S. or Europe, Bobbiny ships your order super fast so give them a try today!

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