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February Monthly Macrame Challenge – Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine's Day Macrame Wall Hanging - February Monthly Macrame Challenge - Macrame for Beginners

Love is in the air! Are you ready for the new Monthly Macrame Challenge? This February we’re making a beautiful Valentine’s Day inspired Macrame Wall Hanging by talented artist Macrame by Mindy!

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February Monthly Macrame Challenge

For our new February Monthly Macrame Challenge, we’ve teamed up with talented Macrame artist Mindy Fultz of Macrame by Mindy and we’re making a beautiful Valentine’s Day-inspired Macrame wall hanging!

Valentine's Day Macrame Wall Hanging - February Monthly Macrame Challenge - Macrame for Beginners

Mindy is a long-time Macrame for Beginners group member who just started making super helpful free tutorials for us all!

Make sure to follow Mindy on Instagram and discover all her beautiful wall hangings, plant hangers, earrings, and more!

DIY Valentine’s Day Macrame Wall Hanging

The tutorial for this XOXO Macrame wall hanging by Mindy is super detailed and walks you through the entire process of making her cute Valentine’s Day-themed project.

This makes it perfect for beginners who want to challenge themselves to master the double half hitch knot. If you’re more advanced, feel free to skip to the difficult sections.

YouTube video

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Supplies needed for this challenge

  • 4mm twisted cord – 16 pieces each 10 feet long (3 m)
  • Single strand cord – 60 pieces each 3 inches (7.6cm)
  • 4 small 3/16” wood dowels – each 12 inches (30.5cm)
  • 1 larger 3/4” dowel or driftwood 12-13 inches (30 – 33cm)

Other tools: Scissors, Glue, Latch Hook, Comb

You are free to slightly alter the pattern, change the size of the project, and you can use your own favorite Macrame cords and colors.

Where to buy your supplies for this project

Are you looking for high-quality Macrame cords to make this Macrame wall hanging? You can check our favorite local cord suppliers in this handy shopping guide we made for you!

More Valentine’s Day Macrame Projects

Discover 14 more gorgeous Macrame Valentine’s Day projects (which are not part of this challenge) in my latest blog post!

How to join our February Monthly Macrame Challenge

  1. Join our Monthly Macrame Challenge Facebook Group and watch the tutorial provided in this blog post.
  2. Follow Macrame for Beginners on Instagram and subscribe to Macrame for Beginners on YouTube.
  3. Upload a photo of your gorgeous Valentine’s Day Wall Hanging in the Monthly Macrame Challenge Facebook Group with the hashtags #februarymacramechallenge + #monthlymacramechallenge.

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Happy Knotting

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