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How to Tie a Double Half Hitch Knot – Easy Double Half Hitch Knot Tutorial with Step-by-Step Photos!

Double Half Hitch Knot Tutorial - Step-by-step with Photos - Macrame for Beginners

Learn the Double Half Hitch Knot with my best beginner tips! This free knot guide includes a complete Double Half Hitch Knot Tutorial with step-by-step photos, DHH variations, plus some beautiful DHH patterns to practice.

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Learning the Double Half Hitch Knot

Are you struggling with the Double Half Hitch Knot (DHHK)? Don’t worry! The DHHK is a knot almost every beginner finds difficult to master. But I promise you, once it clicks and after some practice, this knot is actually quite easy!

The DHHK is mostly used to create lines in your patterns. You can make horizontal, vertical, or diagonal rows with the DHHK. You can also free-flow your lines of knots and create your own shapes.

Double Half Hitch Knot Tutorial - Step-by-step with Photos - Macrame for Beginners

So, let’s dive into this challenging knot and keep reading to check my step-by-step photo tutorial and learn how to master it!

At the end of the post, you’ll also find some fun Double Half Hitch project tutorials so you can start practicing right away!

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Free Macrame Knot Guide with Step-by-Step Photos and Instructions - Macrame for Beginners

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Are you new to Macrame? No worries, it’s very easy to learn! Check out my Macrame for Beginners Guides to quickly master the basics and discover all my best Macrame beginner tips.

What to expect when learning the Double Half Hitch Knot

Although many find the Double Half Hitch Knot challenging at first, the tips I’ll share with you next are definitely going to help you understand how to tie the DHHK without any issues.

The DHHK isn’t very much of a knot, to begin with. It’s simply a technique to wrap your working cords around the holding cord to secure the row you’re creating.

Double Half Hitch Knot Tutorial - Step-by-step with Photos - Macrame for Beginners

In the beginning, you will notice that a row of DHH Knots starting from the left or right side won’t look entirely identical. This is something you can improve by simply practicing the knot in both directions.

Here are my 4 best tips for mastering the Double Half Hitch Knot with ease!

My 4 Best Tips for Mastering the Double Half Hitch Knot

  • The first Half Hitch Knot you tie is most important to keep the right tension and direction. The second Half Hitch Knot locks the first one in place.
  • Make sure to tighten your first Half Hitch knot properly to avoid gaps between your work and the row of hitches. Once a gap forms, it will only get bigger as you along. You need to go back and fix this before continuing.
  • Your holding cord should always be pointed in the direction you want the line to go when you tie on the Double Half Hitch Knots.
  • Your holding cord should be tight and straight. Do not pull on it, however.

Take your time to improve and don’t get too frustrated with yourself when you make mistakes! You will get better every time you practice 🙂

For more tips on learning the Double Half Hitch Knot, download my Free Macrame Knot Guide!

Step by Step Double Half Hitch Knot Tutorial with Photos

To practice the Double Half Hitch Knot, you can attach four cords to your dowel with a Lark’s Head Knot, so you have eight strings to work with.

Download my Free Macrame Knot Guide and learn all the knots you can use to make plant hangers, wall hangings, bags, earrings, and more!

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Learn how to do the Reverse Lark’s Head Knot and more fun Lark’s Head Knot variations in my Lark’s Head Knot Tutorial with step-by-step photos!

Double Half Hitch Knot Tutorial – Horizontal / Diagonal

Double Half Hitch Knot Step-by-step Tutorial with Photos - Step 1 - Macrame for Beginners

Step 1: For your first DHHK we make the shape of a 4 with your outer left cord. This will be your holding cord that holds the row of Double Half Hitch Knots.

Step 2: Take the cord next to your outer left cord and pull it through the 4-shape by going over and under the holding cord.

Double Half Hitch Knot Step-by-step Tutorial with Photos - Step 3 - Macrame for Beginners

Step 3: The working cord should loop around your holding cord as shown in the photo above. Bring your holding cord up and point it in the direction you want the line to go. Now gently start rolling the working cord upwards and make sure the loop keeps its shape.

Make sure there is no gap between your Lark’s Head Knot and the first Half Hitch Knot before you continue.

Double Half Hitch Knot Step-by-step Tutorial with Photos - Step 4 - Macrame for Beginners

Step 4: We now repeat this same step to secure the first Half Hitch Knot. Take your working cord and wrap it around your holding cord a second time. You’ve now made 1 complete Double Half Hitch Knot. It should look like the photo above.

To finish the row, continue making 2 half hitch knots with each next string by wrapping it around the holding cord twice as shown in step 4.

Sometimes it’s necessary to adjust the Half Hitch Knot a bit so they all come out looking straight and even.

Double Half Hitch Knot Tutorial – Horizontal

If you prefer a video tutorial, this one by Marching North shows you all the steps as well!

YouTube video

Double Half Hitch Knot Tutorial – Vertical

YouTube video

Double Half Hitch Knot Tutorial – Diagonal

YouTube video
YouTube video

How to Tie A Reverse Double Half Hitch Knots

Making a reverse Double Half Hitch is really easy and they look super pretty too. The easiest way is to flip your work around and tie the Double Half Hitch Knots on the opposite side so the back of the knots is displayed on the front of your project. Alternatively, you can tie them backward.

YouTube video

Speed up your Double Half Hitch Knots

YouTube video

Best Macrame Cords

I recommend using 3-Ply Macrame cords to practice your Double Half Hitch Knots. These cords are a bit more sturdy and won’t unravel when you untie a knot. They also stay in place better and they’re easier to untie when you make a mistake.

Learn more about the types of Macrame cords that are available and which to choose for your project in my Macrame Cord Guide.

I love knotting my work with eco-friendly Bobbiny cords, which come in Single Twist, 3-Ply, and Braided in many sizes and trendy colors.

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Practice your Double Half Hitch Knots

Practice alternating Half Hitch Knots with this fun and easy Macrame plant hanger pattern by Soulful Notions.

YouTube video

Double Half Hitch Knots Projects

Looking for fun projects to practice your Double Half Hitch Knots? Then I’m sure you’ll love these easy Double Half Hitch Knots tutorials for beginners created by the best YouTube Macrame teachers!

Macrame Coasters

YouTube video

Macrame Plant Hanger

YouTube video

Macrame Wall Hanging

YouTube video

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