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Product Review: Bilibag Factory Macrame Cords – Eco-Friendly & Stunning Shades

Product Review Bilibag Factory Braided Macrame Cords

Are you looking for gorgeous high-quality and eco-friendly braided Cotton cords in every color of the rainbow? Then I’m happy to introduce you to Bilibag Factory Macrame Cords!

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Bilibag Factory Macrame Cords

Bilibag Factory is an amazing Cotton Cord Manufacturer based in the United Kingdom, run by lovely couple Sylwia and Przemek.

Product Review Bilibag Factory Braided Macrame Cords

I absolutely ADORE Bilibag Factory’s high-quality braided Macrame cords and the beautiful color selection they offer.

All cords are super soft, easy to work with, not too stretchy, and they look stunning in your plant hangers, wall hangings, bags, and keychains!

About Bilibag Braided Cords

Bilibag Factory Macrame cords are eco-friendly and sustainably produced without using any chemicals. All wrapping labels, tapes and parcel packaging are made from recycled paper.

The braided cords are made with materials that are tested to OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100, which means they’re completely safe to use for all your Macrame baby and pet projects.

Product Review Bilibag Factory Macrame Cords

Bilibag Factory’s braided cords come in 3mm, 5mm, and 9mm and are neatly wrapped in 100-meter bundles.

You can easily find the beginning of your cord with the handy ‘Start Here‘ label that’s attached. Gently pull on it to use your cords.

The Story behind Bilibag Factory

Product Review Bilibag Factory Braided Macrame Cords

I’m so excited I got to talk with Bilibag Factory’s founder Sylwia and hear the inspiring story behind her awesome Macrame business. Read it below!

Hi everyone!

My name is Sylwia and I’m so happy to tell you about our small family business! Bilibag Factory’s story begins about 2 years ago, in our tiny unit no.7 (the lucky one) in Staffordshire, UK.

I used to run a small crochet business on Etsy where I sold bags and baskets. I love to crochet and my husband loves watching me work on my projects, so one day he said “I will make those cords for you“. And so he did!

Product Review Bilibag Factory Braided Macrame Cords

We rented a tiny space to run our machinery but not long after we had to move to a bigger unit to increase our cord production. People have quickly fallen in love with our products and we couldn’t be happier!

It’s not always been easy to launch and run our new busy business while also raising our wonderful girls, aged 2 and 4 but we absolutely love what we do!

Thanks to the help from our amazing friends and family, and all the loving customers who believed in us from the start we can’t wait to expand and grow even bigger!

Product Review Bilibag Factory Braided Macrame Cords

We’re planning to add more beautiful new trendy colors to our selection soon and will also introduce some new cord types! Follow us on social media so you won’t miss out on any exciting updates!

You can find Bilibag Factory on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and Youtube!

Visit our webshop to order our cords with a 10% discount. Use code LOVEMACRAME at checkout!

3 mm Bilibag Factory Macrame Cords (100-meter bundles)

Product Review Bilibag Factory Braided Macrame Cords

5 mm Bilibag Factory Macrame Cords (100-meter bundles)

Product Review Bilibag Factory Braided Macrame Cords

9 mm Bilibag Factory Macrame Cords (100-meter bundles)

Product Review Bilibag Factory Braided Macrame Cords

Shipping Options

Bilibag Factory offers international shipping through Royal Mail, UPS, or another carrier. For UK Shipping you can choose from local pick-up, Royal Mail 2nd Class (non-tracked), and DPD (tracked).

Every parcel is shipped the next working day (Monday – Friday) or even the same day if possible.

Order your Bilibag Factory Macrame Cords today! Don’t forget to use code LOVEMACRAME for a 10% discount!

Product Review Bilibag Factory Braided Macrame Cords

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