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14 Beautiful and Unique Macrame Patterns by Ourania from myTotalHandmade

14 Beautiful and Unique Macrame Tutorials by Ourania from myTotalHandmade

Let’s learn how to make beautiful and unique Macrame patterns like 3D seashells and berry knot rainbows with our new featured and super talented teacher Ourania from myTotalHandmade!

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About MyTotalHandmade

When I discovered Ourania’s tutorials, I got so excited to share them with you all! Whatever you want to create, you can find great instructions for it on myTotalHandmade’s Youtube channel.

14 Beautiful and Unique Macrame Tutorials by Ourania from myTotalHandmade

Unique Macrame Patterns

From pretty Macrame earrings and 3D shells to Christmas trees and Macrame owls, Ourania has plenty of unique Macrame patterns to choose from!

I’m so happy and honored I had a chance to talk to Ourania and ask her all about her journey into becoming such a talented Macrame artist and teacher.

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Meet Ourania from myTotalHandmade

Hi everyone, my name is Ourania! I live in Athens, Greece which is also where I grew up. I studied and have worked as an Architect for most of my life.

14 Beautiful and Unique Macrame Tutorials by Ourania from myTotalHandmade

Over the past 8 years, I’ve been running an Etsy shop with artisan home décor items and unique boho jewelry under the name myTotalHandmade.

What was your process in becoming a macrame artist?

Ever since I was a child I was strongly drawn towards crafts. I learned how to crochet, embroider and sew from a young age, but my big obsession was weaving.

Even though I was enamored with it, I learned the art of macrame much later on in life. I would consider myself a self-taught fiber artist.

In this video you can see some of my weaving:

YouTube video

The first time I introduced this technique in my works was for “Ikarus” in 2016, a branch weaving with shells, small pieces of driftwood, and jute.

Then I made my leaves in 2017. By 2018 I added a few macrame listings to my Etsy shop and they seemed to be received well.

During the 2020 lockdown, I decided to create my YouTube channel myTotalHandmade, and began making videos teaching, and showcasing some techniques.

14 Beautiful and Unique Macrame Tutorials by Ourania from myTotalHandmade

My third video, the Christmas tree (listed at the end of this blog post) gained quite a bit of traction and I was very pleasantly surprised by the response. This encouraged me and inspired me to continue making videos. 

What do you love most about macrame?

I love the endless possibilities of Macrame. You can create an infinite amount of combinations and patterns using only a couple of knots, and that is very inspiring to me.

14 Beautiful and Unique Macrame Tutorials by Ourania from myTotalHandmade

What kind of material do you like to work with?

One of my favorite cords to work with is braided cord. I use it to create 3D objects like my sea nettle, pumpkin, fruits, and pods.

What inspires you to come up with new projects?

My inspiration often comes from old macrame books that I find on Pinterest, but it never stops there. I try to use the patterns I find as inspirations to make something different, something new.

14 Beautiful and Unique Macrame Tutorials by Ourania from myTotalHandmade

I believe we need new patterns to begin unraveling the infinite possibilities of this ancient knotting art, and I try to do my part in that.  

I had a great time experimenting with making and I’m looking forward to exploring this further when I find the time. 

What’s your favorite thing about teaching macrame on YouTube?

I am extremely happy when people tag me to showcase the projects they’ve created by following my tutorials, and I love seeing everyone so proud of their creations!

There isn’t anything quite like creating your own art or project.

Do you have a favorite Macrame artist?

Sally England and Windy Chien are some of my favorite Macrame artists.

What are your best tips for beginners?

My best advice for any beginner is to really dive into practicing and understanding the basic knots (square and double half hitch). Once you have gained a full understanding of how these work you can go a long way. 

14 Beautiful and Unique Macrame Tutorials by Ourania from myTotalHandmade

I also recommend using braided Macrame cords if you are a beginner. It’s really sturdy and that helps a lot! 

What products do you sell in your Etsy shop?

I sell Macrame cords, home décor items, artisan fiber, and metal jewelry. You can find my shop here mytotalhandmade.etsy.com!

Can you recommend us your favorite products for beginners?

I sell bundles of single twist colored ropes in my shop, which are perfect for beginners!

Where can we find you online?

You can find me on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest:

I want to thank Macrame for Beginners for this interview and the beautiful Facebook group for their amazing love and support to all macrame enthusiasts.

DIY Unique Macrame Patterns by myTotalHandmade

Are you ready to get creative? Here are the best and most unique Macrame patterns by myTotalHandmade. We can’t wait to see your beautiful creations!

DIY Macrame Seashells

YouTube video

DIY 10-minute Macrame Leaf

YouTube video

DIY Macrame Rainbow

YouTube video

Macrame Owl

YouTube video

DIY Macrame Leaf Feather Earrings

YouTube video

DIY Macrame Christmas Tree

YouTube video

DIY Macrame Flower Mandala

YouTube video

DIY Macrame Seashell Pattern

YouTube video

DIY Macrame Hanging Planter

YouTube video

DIY Macrame Wall Hanging with Shells

YouTube video

DIY Macrame Wall Hanging with Puff Circles

YouTube video

DIY Macrame Earrings

YouTube video

DIY Macrame Lantern

YouTube video

More Unique Macrame Patterns

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