Learn how to make gorgeous Macrame projects with talented teacher Jamie of SilentKnot and discover 17 of her best Macrame Home Decor DIY patterns!

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I’m so excited to share these lovely beginner-friendly Macrame tutorials by SilentKnot with you all. Jamie posts 2 new free patterns on her amazing YouTube channel every week so make sure to subscribe and never miss out on any new ideas!

17 Amazing Macrame Home Decor DIY Patterns by Talented Teacher Jamie of SilentKnot

Macrame Home Decor DIY Patterns by SilentKnot

I found Jamie’s amazing tutorials while browsing Instagram for inspiration and immediately fell in love with her easy-to-follow instructions. From Macrame coasters and plant hangers to bags and wall hangings, you can learn it all with SilentKnot!

I’m so happy and I had the opportunity to talk to Jamie and ask her all about her journey into becoming such a talented Macrame artist and teacher.

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Meet Jamie from SilentKnot

Hi everyone! My name is Jamie Hernandez. I grew up in the Philippines and have worked and lived on the sunny island of Singapore for 11 years now.

17 Amazing Macrame Home Decor DIY Patterns by Talented Teacher Jamie of SilentKnot

I’m a full-time mom who turns into a macrame artist when my son is in school and when everyone is asleep.

What was your process in becoming a macrame artist?

I learned how to do the basic square knot in 2004. At that time, I didn’t know it was called macrame. My mates and I would do friendship bracelets using colorful strings. 

In 2014, I found myself “macrame” wrapping my earphones using a wax cord but it was only until July 2019, I learned the term macrame – the art of knotting, and a beautiful macrame wall hanging made its way to my Instagram feed.

17 Amazing Macrame Home Decor DIY Patterns by Talented Teacher Jamie of SilentKnot

I was examining the knots and thought the way it was made is so familiar, this time with thicker and softer cords (cotton rope). I fell in love with the aesthetics and knew that it’s something that I can do. I immediately ran to my kitchen, grabbed a kitchen twine, and started making my first macrame dreamcatcher.

By the end of the day I have binge-watched, subscribed, and followed so many amazing macrame artists like @made_in_may_, @macrame_grida, @sheweave, and @soulfulnotions, searched and found the Macrame books of Fanny Zedenius and Natalie Ranae from our local library.

17 Amazing Macrame Home Decor DIY Patterns by Talented Teacher Jamie of SilentKnot

What do you love most about macrame?

I love macrame because it makes me happy and drives me crazy at the same time. I say crazy because it forces me to be still and be in silence. It allows my mind to cease its restless thinking.

Yet, when I’m working on a current project, my mind also can’t help but wander and get excited about the next project I want to make. It keeps my creative juices flowing and it challenges me to keep creating to achieve something new.

17 Amazing Macrame Home Decor DIY Patterns by Talented Teacher Jamie of SilentKnot

I’d like to think of macrame as music. There are only 7 notes but finding the right combination and emotion gives you a beautiful melody. So yeah, macrame is crazy beautiful!

What are your favorite projects to create?

My favorite projects to make vary from functional macrame pieces like water bottle holders, plant hangers, bags to home decors.

Right now, I’m getting so excited about the Holidays. I’m planning to put up more Christmas-related macrame tutorials on my Youtube channel for the next few weeks to come.

17 Amazing Macrame Home Decor DIY Patterns by Talented Teacher Jamie of SilentKnot

As we only have wet and dry seasons here, playing with ropes, their colors, and texture makes me think that I don’t need to go so far to feel a particular season or weather, although I would really love to travel in the nearest opportunity.  

What kind of material/types of cord do you like to work with?

I like using 3mm and 4mm cotton rope and combining it with wooden hoops, rings, and beads.

What inspires you to come up with new projects?

Love and family always inspire me. I tend to create what I think they will like based on their personalities. Things – I  am inspired by the things we use in everyday life and how I can make commonly used items beautiful by incorporating macrame.

I also draw inspiration from People and their cultures – how it plays a big part in making a particular design more meaningful. And of course, the vast and raw beauty of Nature as it grows, constantly changes and moves in silence.

17 Amazing Macrame Home Decor DIY Patterns by Talented Teacher Jamie of SilentKnot

Last but not the least, I get very inspired by hardworking Macrame Artists who challenge themselves to always come up with something new, different, original, and better than their last creation. They make me want to work just as hard and as passionately.

What’s your favorite thing about teaching macrame on YouTube?

I started uploading my macrame tutorials on Youtube not long ago (August 2021) but I am already enjoying the overall process of being able to share how a certain project, whether it is a useful piece of wearable art to home decors, is done from start to finish.

17 Amazing Macrame Home Decor DIY Patterns by Talented Teacher Jamie of SilentKnot

As a fellow macrame maker and enthusiast, I am inspired to share what I have learned (and learning thus far) from so many amazing artists and add my twist to it, in the hopes of finding balance in this age of rapidly changing technology.

Do you have a favorite Macrame artist?

There are too many to mention but I love how charming and modern the work of most Korean macrame artists are, awestruck with Agnes Hansella, obsessed with Tamar Samplonius, and freaking out with Kasha’s Craft Creation.

What are your best tips for beginners?

My best tip for beginners is to not feel overwhelmed with all the macrame projects available to try. You can start small and choose something that you will like to use or see every day.

17 Amazing Macrame Home Decor DIY Patterns by Talented Teacher Jamie of SilentKnot

You can also go big but don’t be in a haste. Get familiar with the knots you’d like to incorporate into your project to avoid burnout.

Macrame is a slow art and meant to be enjoyed. Lastly, make sure to invest in a very good pair of scissors. Once you knot, you just can’t stop (as Pringles put it, teehee! 🙂    

What products do you sell in your shop?

Currently, I am focusing more on making macrame tutorials but feel free to shoot me a DM on Instagram for premade pieces, remakes, custom orders, and collaboration.

Where can we find you online?

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/silentknot/
YouTube: https://youtube.com/c/SilentKnot

17 Macrame Home Decor DIY Patterns

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