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17 FREE Macrame Wall Hanging Patterns for Beginners

17 FREE Macrame Wall Hanging Patterns for Beginners

Are you looking for a unique DIY Macrame Wall Hanging project? Then you’ll love to discover these 17 amazing free Macrame wall hanging patterns I’ve selected for you!

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Free Macrame Wall Hanging Patterns

From a gorgeous Macrame hot air balloon wall hanging to a cute pink flamingo, these unique Macrame wall hanging patterns will definitely get your creative juices flowing!

All free Macrame wall hanging patterns listed below are created by the most talented YouTube Macrame teachers and provide high-quality and step-by-step instructions!

How to make a Macrame Wall Hanging?

If you’re just starting out with Macrame, make sure to check my complete How to Make a Macrame Wall Hanging Guide with my best tips to get started, where to buy your supplies and cords, and how to set up your Macrame workstation!

Meet our talented Macrame Teachers

Meet our amazing Featured Macrame Teachers and discover their best beginner-friendly step-by-step free video tutorials.

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17 FREE Macrame Wall Hanging Patterns for Beginners

Macrame Flamingo Wall Hanging

How CUTE is this Macrame flamingo wall hanging by Sheena from YouTube channel Simply Inspired?! This pattern is perfect for beginners because you only need to know 3 different knots: the larks head, vertical double half hitch, & a double overhand knot.

Make sure to check out this video from Simply Inspired too and learn how to make a similar pattern with your own pixel designs!

YouTube video

Macrame Hot Air Balloon Wall Hanging

Make your own beautiful Macrame hot air balloon wall hanging with this beginner-friendly pattern by Dan Soliman from Habit Made!

TIP: This wall hanging will look super cute in your baby nursery! Check our latest blog post to discover more Macrame nursery projects + DIY Macrame baby shower gift ideas!

YouTube video

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Macrame Mooncatcher Wall Hanging

Would you like to learn how to make your own Macrame Mooncatcher Wall Hanging? Then you’ll love Vanir Creations’ YouTube channel!

Check our collab to discover more of her beautiful free tutorials or order one of her awesome DIY Kits to get started right away!

YouTube video

Macrame Leaf Pattern Wall Hanging

Always wondered how to make this leaf pattern? Then make sure to watch this beginner-friendly tutorial by Dan from Habit Made.

You can discover more free tutorials by Habit Made in this fun collab we did together!

YouTube video

Floral Macraweave Wall Hanging

Learn how to make a Macraweave wall hanging with this gorgeous free Macrame wall hanging tutorial by Simply Inspired.

Make sure to check out our latest collab and learn how to make 8 different Macrame flowers to add to your Macrame pieces!

YouTube video

Macrame Vine Leaf Wall Hanging

We’ve noticed this Vine / Leaf pattern is super popular right now so we were super happy Dan from Habit Made made an amazing tutorial to teach us all how to recreate this beautiful Macrame wall hanging!

YouTube video

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Discover where to buy affordable, high-quality Macrame cords to create your first project! These recycled Bobbiny cotton cords are my all-time favorite!

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Find the best Macrame cords for your project

Large Macrame Wall Hanging Pattern

Learn how to add color to your Macrame wall hanging with this very educational tutorial by talented teacher Sasha from Fibers of Mine.

You can also check out this handy guide for more tips and techniques on recreating the Sonata Del Mar!

YouTube video

Half Mandala Macrame Wall Hanging

A Facebook Group Favorite, this beautiful half mandala Macrame wall hanging by Habit Made adds the perfect boho look to your home. Pick your favorite colors and simply follow the step-by-step instructions to get started!

YouTube video

Large Macrame Wall Hanging

This large Macrame wall hanging pattern is perfect for beginners and only uses 3 simple knots. Discover more amazing projects by Bochiknot Macrame in this fun collaboration we did!

YouTube video

Mini Macrame Wall Hanging

Practice your berry knots with this adorable mini wall hanging by the talented Chasta from YouTube Channel Soulful Notions.

If you love modern Macrame projects, make sure to check our collabs and discover all of Chasta’s amazing free Macrame wall hanging patterns!

YouTube video

Macrame Dreamcatcher Wall Hanging

Do you want to learn how to make a pretty Macrame dreamcatcher? Then I’m sure this free tutorial by Vanir Creations is perfect for you!

YouTube video

Intermediate Macrame Wall Hanging

Do you want to learn a new knot? Then this free Macrame wall hanging pattern by Youtuber Soulful Notions is just the challenge you were looking for!

YouTube video

Macrame Half Mandala Wall Hanging

Learn how to combine weaving with Macrame with this great beginner-friendly half mandala tutorial by Fibers of Mine. Discover more of Sasha’s amazing tutorials in our latest collab!

YouTube video

Simple Macrame Wall Hanging

Keep it simple with this pretty Macrame wall hanging pattern by Saskia from Summer Macrame. Love this piece? Check our collab and discover more of her beginner-friendly and practical macrame projects!

YouTube video

Macrame Rainbow Wall Hanging

This super cute Macrame Rainbow wall hanging is the perfect project for your nursery. Discover more gorgeous Macrame nursery projects in my latest blog post!

YouTube video

Macrame Mandala Wall Hanging

Learn how to make a colorful Macrame Mandala with this great tutorial by Simply Inspired! Discover more pretty Macrame Mandala patterns and the best supplies in this handy guide I’ve created for you!

YouTube video

Sunset Cloud Macraweave Wall Hanging

How pretty is this sunset cloud?! Learn how to add color and structure to your Macrame weave wall hangings with this educational video by the talented Sasha from Fibers of Mine!

YouTube video

More Free Macrame Wall Hanging Patterns

Check our Complete Guide on how to make a wall hanging and discover where to find more free macrame wall hanging patterns, where to buy dowels and cords, and how to set up your Macrame workstation!

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17 FREE Macrame Wall Hanging Patterns for Beginners

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