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Improve Your Skills with Macrame Teacher Tuija from Curious Craft Studio

Curious Craft Studio Macrame Projects for Beginners

Learn new knots, techniques, and how to make some amazing Macrame projects for beginners with Macrame teacher Tuija from Curious Craft Studio. Read our fun interview here and discover her best tutorials!

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About Curious Craft Studio

Who else gets super excited when discovering a great new Macrame teacher?! I’m so happy to introduce you to our new teacher Tuija from Curious Craft Studio!

From beautiful Macrame projects to super helpful tutorials to teach you new knots and techniques, Tuija’s amazing Youtube channel is perfect for every beginner!

Luckily I had a chance to talk with Tuija and asked her lots of questions about her journey into becoming such a talented Macrame artist.

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Meet Macrame Teacher Tuija from Curious Craft Studio

Hi everyone! I’m Tuija, Italy-living, sun-chasing, cat-cuddling creative from Finland. 

I grew up in the middle of the Finnish countryside spending every waking moment doing all sorts of creative things, such as sewing, knitting, acting, and even making macrame friendship bracelets.

Curious Craft Studio Macrame Projects for Beginners

Sometimes I wonder how many other people did macrame as a kid without even realizing the technique was macrame!

I studied fashion design and worked for a wedding dress designer right after university, but I soon realized I was not so into the superficial world of fashion.

I still loved creating with my hands, but the exploitative nature of the fashion industry dampened my enthusiasm. So for many years, I ended up working in tourism in Italy until the coronavirus pandemic shut the world. 

Curious Craft Studio Macrame Projects for Beginners

In 2020 I had to reinvent my career, and despite the fears of the health crisis and the unknown economic future, having time for me again was an opportunity of a lifetime. Honestly, for me, it was the reset button I had been waiting for.

I started a true journey of rediscovery of my passion for handmade crafts and from there Curious Craft Studio was born!

What was your process in becoming a macrame artist? 

To put it very simply, I started experimenting with macrame when I got laid off from my desk job in March 2020, and I haven’t stopped since!

Curious Craft Studio Macrame Projects for Beginners

I thought I would spend my newly discovered free time doing all sorts of creative things like sewing and knitting, but I never got that far – instead I got totally absorbed into the world of macrame.

I started with mini-projects like jewelry, and you can still buy many of my contemporary jewelry designs, DIY kits, and tutorials from my website. Making jewelry was and still is a fun way to make something small and quick, to test out knots and shapes.

Nowadays I mostly make bigger projects such as wall hangings and plant hangers, and I’ve got so many new ideas written down on many different lists!

Curious Craft Studio Macrame Projects for Beginners

Quite quickly I realized I didn’t want to focus on selling my designs (and making the same design again and again), but rather I was much more interested in teaching macrame and diffusing the joy of creating with your own two hands.

This is also why I don’t really consider myself as an artist, but rather a teacher or educator? Perhaps content creator? 

Macrame for me is almost like a meditation, it has this calming trance-like effect that allows me to relax and be creative. Making macrame saved me quite literally from depression when Covid shut the world in March 2020.

Curious Craft Studio Macrame Projects for Beginners

I lost my job and I was checking the news every five minutes to see if there was new information on what was happening in the world. Macrame took me away from all that stress. It gave me a creative outlet and soon I noticed my days were passing so quickly, even too quickly! 

What are your favorite projects to create? 

This is a hard one. Like in my life in general, I’m interested in so many different types of projects also in macrame. If you visit my Instagram page or my website, you’ll notice that I do jewelry and home decor.

But what combines everything I do is the search for new shapes or techniques and giving a modern spin to macrame. I love all things boho but my style is definitely not boho, but maybe more modern Scandinavian? 

What inspires you to come up with new projects? 

Everything around me! Often it’s the designs I see around me (earrings made of polymer clay, lamps made of wood or metal, a crochet top someone is wearing, a painting) and in my head, I go “something like this could look really cool in macrame!”.

Curious Craft Studio Macrame Projects for Beginners

Sometimes I see a colorful rock and I want to recreate the colors and lines in a macrame wall hanging. Or a friend of mine has a beautiful woven geometric rug in their living room and that inspires an idea for a macrame wall hanging. 

I’ve only begun my macrame path and my list of ideas is very long. 😂

What’s your favorite thing about teaching macrame on YouTube? 

This one’s easy! It’s community. I love when viewers comment on my videos, ask me questions and start conversations. I absolutely love helping others discover the joy of macrame and getting creative.

Do you have a favorite Macrame artist?

I have quite a few! I love the work of so many macrame artists and this is just a short list. I admire all these creators for very different reasons and you can see why when you check out their work. 

Let’s start with Denisse M Vera. Besides being an extremely talented fashion designer, she is also a wonderful human being. I’ve connected with her on Instagram and through our conversations, she has definitely encouraged me in my own macrame journey. She has a beautiful soul.   

Anmari from Myysyart, a fellow Finn, does whimsical macrame wall hangings where she sometimes incorporates pompoms and weaving too.

I love how Larissa from Rake boho decor uses colors and shapes in her boho home decor. 

I’m obsessed with the strange macrame sculptures that Sandra de Groot from Atelier Chaos makes! So crazy and inventive.

Others who I admire are Tamar Samplonius for her impeccable straight lines and the quality of her knots, Kasha’s Craft Creation for her imagination and all those adorable macrame animals, and Erik Speer from Esspeer for his talent in combining macrame with other fiber arts. 

What are your best tips for beginners?

Have the courage to experiment and enjoy the process. When you’re just beginning with macrame, don’t be afraid to fail and unknot or even start over.

It’s through mistakes that you learn the best. It’s wonderful to have a beautifully finished piece, but the best part about macrame is the knotting itself. 

Curious Craft Studio Macrame Projects for Beginners

And on the practical side, I would give this advice: You can start learning macrame with just about any kind of cord, twine, or rope you have at home. It can be cotton, hemp, jute, or synthetic material.

It doesn’t have to be a cord that is designed to be used in macrame. Of course, certain cords look better or are easier to knot and unknot, but really, the basic knots can be learned using any type of cord.

That said, if you’ve never done macrame before, I recommend you choose a cord that is a bit bigger, around 5mm thick and is a bit harder so that it’s easy to unravel when you make a mistake and the cord doesn’t get ruined so easily.

What products do you sell in your shop? 

In my shop, I sell DIY kits and tutorials, but also contemporary macrame jewelry and home decor designs. Below are some examples of the jewelry kits I offer!

Curious Craft Studio Macrame Projects for Beginners

Where can we find Curious Craft Studio online?

Website: https://curiouscraftstudio.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/curiouscraftstudio/

Youtube channel:   https://www.youtube.com/c/CuriousCraftStudio

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/curiouscraftstudio

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/curiouscraftstudio

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