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12 Gorgeous DIY Macrame Crystal Holders & Wall Hanging Patterns – Crystal + Gemstone Wrapping

12 DIY Macrame Crystal Holders - Crystal + Gemstone Wrapping & Crystal Wall Hangings

Learn how to wrap your crystals with Macrame and make your own Macrame Crystal holders. Incorporate crystals in your Macrame jewelry and discover the best ways to attach crystals to your Macrame wall hangings!

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Macrame Crystal Holders

Are you looking for ways to incorporate crystals into your Macrame projects? Then this is the blog post for you!

Learn how to wrap your crystals and how to attach them to your Macrame jewelry pieces and wall hangings with 12 handy video tutorials by the best Macrame teachers!

How do you attach Macrame Crystals?

There are multiple techniques to attach Macrame crystals to your Macrame projects. Make sure to watch all the tutorials in this post to learn them and choose your favorite ones for your own projects.

Where to buy crystals for DIY projects?

Crystals can be found in craft stores and online on Etsy. Use this link to find the best local Etsy sellers near you to buy your beautiful crystals.

12 DIY Macrame Crystal Holders - Crystal + Gemstone Wrapping & Crystal Wall Hangings

If you’re not sure which crystals to choose for your Macrame project, here are my favorites with a little description of their meanings:

  • Amethyst – a super calming stone to help overcome anxiety and stress
  • Quartz – the master healer is the perfect thing to carry with you every day
  • Rose Quartz – the stone of love can help you to radiate warmth and attract love
  • Aventurine – this green stone is lucky and can attract exciting opportunities
  • Carnelian – this orange stone will boost your energy and help you to be super creative
  • Citrine – the merchant’s stone can help attract money into your life

How to Wrap Crystals?

Wrapping your crystals with Macrame is super easy to do and such a fun project for a rainy Sunday afternoon.

Learn how to wrap your favorite rocks and gemstones with this beginner-friendly and step-by-step tutorial by Create with Jenn.

YouTube video

How to make a Macrame Crystal Holder?

In case you want to display more than one crystal, this pretty Macrame crystal holder is perfect! Learn how to make it with this awesome beginner-friendly tutorial by Kindred Spirits.

YouTube video

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How do you make a Crystal Necklace?

There are different techniques for wrapping crystals and making a Macrame crystal necklace. For example, you can create a simple Macrame crystal holder with the netting technique or go for a more sophisticated look with the Lark’s Head Knot Technique.

Watch the videos by jewelry maker and Youtube teacher CSLdesigns below to learn them all and choose your favorite style!

Macrame – Netting Technique

YouTube video

Macrame – Tassel Technique

YouTube video

Macrame – Vertical Lark’s Head Technique

YouTube video

Macrame – Looping Technique

YouTube video

Macrame Crystal Keychain

If you’re looking for more fun projects to wrap your crystals, you might want to try this cute Macrame Crystal keychain tutorial by Sasha MACRAMESSAGE as well!

YouTube video

Macrame Crystal Ornaments

This easy Macrame Crystal Pendant can be used to hang as an ornament in your Christmas tree or you can wear it as a lovely necklace!

YouTube video

Macrame Wall Hanging with Crystal

Are you looking for a way to attach crystals to your Macrame wall hangings? Then you’ll this great tutorial by Vanir Creations. Perfect for beginners and a great way to display your colorful crystals!

Do you like this style? Then make sure to check out more beautiful projects by Vanir Creations!

YouTube video

Macrame Crystal Wall Hanging

Here’s another beautiful wall-hanging design that uses a crystal as an eye-catcher! Simply follow the steps in the tutorial and learn how to attach crystals to your Macrame wall hangings.

YouTube video

How to Make a Macrame Crystal Pouch

Another great option for showcasing your magical crystals is to create a pretty Macrame Crystal Pouch. Learn how to make a Moon-shaped Macrame wall hanging with crystal and watch this amazing tutorial by Vanir Creations now!

YouTube video

How to make a Macrame Gemstone Ring

Last, but not least, I wanted to share this easy tutorial with you that teaches you how to make a Macrame ring with gemstones. Just imagine how cute this will look with your Macrame earrings!

YouTube video

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