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Beadsmith Macrame Board Review: Perfect for Traveling – Best Macrame Tools

Beadsmith Macrame Board Review - Perfect for Traveling - Macrame for Beginners

Are you looking for a portable solution to work on your Macrame projects? Then make sure to check out my Beadsmith Macrame Board review. The perfect Macrame tool to bring with you while traveling!

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Beadsmith Macrame Board Review

Whether you want to work on your Macrame projects while road-tripping in a van or suntanning on a tropical island, the Beadsmith Macrame Board is perfect for creating on the go!

Beadsmith Macrame Board Review - Perfect for Traveling - Macrame for Beginners

And, of course, they’re also a pretty great solution if you simply want to work on smaller Macrame projects while relaxing on your own comfy sofa at home 😉

Here is my Beadsmith Macrame Board Review!

Beadsmith Macrame Board Sizes

The Beadsmith Macrame Board is available in two sizes. Both sizes are made of 0.5-inch thick foam.

The boards are super lightweight, fit in all small suitcases, and are a brilliant solution to keep doing Macrame while on the go!

Mini Beadsmith Macrame Board

The Mini Size Beadsmith Macrame Board measures 7.5 x10.5 inches (16 x 27cm)

Standard Beadsmith Macrame Board

The Standard Size Beadsmith Macrame Board measures 11.5 x 15.5 inches (30 x 40cm)

Perfectly Designed for Small Macrame Projects

The Beadsmith Boards come with specially designed notches on all sides to hold your cords in place. I recommend using T-Pins for extra stability as the notches can make your work move around too much.

Both boards have a smooth surface that won’t damage your cords. On top, you can find a handy grid for easy measuring.

Lightweight and Self-Healing Foam

The foam is self-healing which means you can use T-pins to help your projects stay in place, without damaging the surface. Beadsmith boards are the ideal solution for everyday use!

BeadSmith Macrame Board Reviews by our Community

YouTuber and Macrame Teacher Sheena Joy of Simply Inspired
LOVE IT…you can actually see this board in many of my YouTube tutorials!

Facebook Group Member Pat S.
I have a normal and love it. It works perfectly for so many different projects, holding the cords firmly any way I need. So glad I bought one. Worth every penny!!

Facebook Group Member Jackie S.
I have the mini-board and use it often. The notches all around it are very helpful, and being able to put pins in it is great.

Facebook Group Member Pamela D.
I’ve got the mini and wouldn’t be without it. So useful being able to pin and use the edge of the board to hold cords too.

Facebook Group Member Lauren A.
Totally recommend the Beadsmith board! I love mine, I went for the larger one and also bought some t-pins. Much better than trying to pin my work down to cardboard, like I was doing before.

Facebook Group Member Amy M.
I loved the mini so much that I got the bigger one!

Facebook Group Member Julie R.
I have the normal size one and love it!

Facebook Group Member Brianna W.
I enjoy using the Beadsmith board and it does make life easier but the cords come out of the slits quite easily and it’s hard to keep them taught in a certain position. Perfect for bracelets but it would benefit from the material being stiffer.

Facebook Group Member Lorie B.
I bought the small one and I love it. I will probably buy the large one, too. It is so easy and convenient.

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