September Monthly Macrame Challenge – Soulful Notions Macrame Plant Hanger

Monthly Macrame Challenge September Plant Hanger Soulful Notions

Who’s ready for a fun new Monthly Macrame Challenge? This September we’re making a beautiful Macrame plant hanger by the amazing teacher Chasta from Soulful Notions!

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September Monthly Macrame Challenge

For our September challenge, we’ve teamed up with Macrame teacher Chasta from Soulful Notions to make some gorgeous Macrame plant hangers!

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This month, you can choose between an intermediate and easy pattern. Make sure to try both because it’s all about the challenge!

Macrame Plant Hangers by Soulful Notions

Are you ready to get started? Watch both tutorials by Soulful Notions below and learn how to make these gorgeous Macrame plant hangers!

Intermediate Macrame Plant Hanger

This beautiful pattern uses two knots, double hitch knots, and gathering knots. If you are not familiar with those knots, or need some extra help with them please see the videos linked below for slow, in depth instructions on each:

YouTube video

Supplies and cords needed for intermediate plant hanger

When complete this plant hanger measures 37 inches / 94cm in length and can nicely fit pots ranging in size from 6 to 12 inches. The pot used in this video was 8 inches / 20 cm.

Monthly Macrame Challenge September Intermediate Plant Hanger

Cord Measurement

  • 2 x 2ft / 61cm for the two gathering knots
  • 8 x 11ft / 335cm for the plant hanger

Easy Macrame Plant Hanger

For this pretty and easy Macrame plant hanger, the only knots used are one gathering knot, and (alternating) square knots.

If you are new to macrame and don’t know, or need extra help with these knots, please watch this video before you begin: https://youtu.be/FbH5lJqBWTw

YouTube video

Supplies and cords needed for easy plant hanger

This planthanger measures 39in/100cm in length.

Monthly Macrame Challenge September Easy Plant Hanger

Cord Measurement

  • 1 x 2ft / 61cm
  • 6 x 10ft / 305cm

You are free to slightly alter the pattern, change the size of the project, and you can use your own favorite Macrame cords and colors.

Make sure to adjust your cord measurements when using a different type of cord or different cord thickness than the tutorial suggests.

Where to buy your supplies for this project

Soulful Notions sells the most gorgeous Macrame cords from brands like Bobbiny and Ganxxet. Make sure to check out her Etsy store and order your cords here to support your favorite creator!

If you’re based outside of the US and Canada, you can check this handy shopping guide with our favorite local Macrame cord suppliers!

How to join our September Monthly Macrame Challenge

  1. Join our Monthly Macrame Challenge Facebook Group and watch the Soulful Notions tutorials provided in this post.
  2. Upload a photo of your gorgeous plant hanger(s) in the Monthly Macrame Challenge Facebook Group with the hashtags #septembermacramechallenge + #monthlymacramechallenge.
  3. Optional – Share your project on Instagram with the hashtag #monthlymacramechallenge and tag @macrameforbeginners for a shout-out!

We can’t wait to see your beautiful creations! Need some help with your project? You can ask us all your questions in our Monthly Macrame Challenge Facebook Group!

What you can win

Our team of moderators and Chasta will judge your photo submissions and pick our favorite Macrame Plant hanger submissions to be featured on our website macrameforbeginners.com and Macrame for Beginners Facebook Groups!

*This competition closes on September 30 at midnight.

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