Do you want to learn how to make your own pretty Macrame clothing? Here are 12 DIY Macrame Bikini Top & Beach Dress Tutorials to get you started!

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DIY Macrame Bikini Top & Dress Tutorials

Macrame dresses and bikinis are a big hit at all the festivals this Summer, especially at Coachella.

12 Easy DIY Macrame Beach Dress & Bikini Top Tutorials for Beginners 1
PHOTO CREDITS: Macrame Bikini Tops by Silvia of Bijou MadaМe Macramé

Luckily there are some amazing teachers that made free tutorials for us to learn how to make our own Macrame beach dresses and bikini tops!

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Super Easy DIY Macrame Bikini Top

If you want to learn more about making your own Macrame clothing (or jewelry), Silvia of Bijou MadaМe Macramé is the YouTube teacher you want to follow! For more inspiration, make sure to check out her Instagram and Pinterest too!

This tutorial will teach you exactly how to recreate her super easy Macrame Bikini Top!

Easy DIY Hawaiian Macrame Skirt

How cute is this Hawaiian Macrame skirt to match your bikini top? You’re gonna look so amazing on the beach this Summer!

DIY Macrame Bikini Top

This Macrame Bikini Top is one of my favorite designs and I can’t wait to make one myself!

Macrame Bikini Bottom

And if you’re making the yellow Bikini top, you have to try your hands on this Macrame Bikini bottom tutorial too!

DIY Macrame Beach Dress Tutorial

How pretty is this Macrame Beach Dress by Summer Macrame! This dress combines a cute DIY Macrame Bikini top with a lovely skirt.

Saskia also made a tutorial for a pair of Macrame Barefoot Sandals, which look perfect with this Macrame Summer dress.

DIY Boho Macrame Dress

Go for a classic vintage look with this elegant DIY Boho Macrame dress!

DIY Macrame Summer Dress

This dress by Sasha Macramessage is perfect to bring with you to the beach. You’re gonna look so beautiful wearing this!

DIY Macrame Beach Dress

Simple but stylish! This beginner-friendly DIY Macrame Beach dress is the perfect project to start with this Summer season.

DIY Boho Macrame Dress

Make your own vintage boho Macrame dress and pair it with your favorite black dress for a stylish Summer look!

DIY Macrame Bikini Dress

Make sure you stand out on the beach this year and wear this amazing Macrame BikiniDress by Sasha Macramessage!

DIY Macrame Vintage Dress

DIY No-Sew Macrame Dress

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