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Become a Macrame Pro with Teacher Anna Baginová from Youtube Channel uzliky

Become a Macrame Pro with Anna Baginova from Youtube Channel uzliky

Learn how to get started with Macrame, discover the best tools for beginners and make the most gorgeous projects with Macrame teacher Anna Baginová from YouTube Channel uzliky!

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About uzliky

I’m so happy to introduce you to our new featured Macrame teacher Anna Baginová from the amazing YouTube channel uzliky.

Not only does Anna do a great job of explaining all the basics to beginners, but she also makes some wonderful Macrame project tutorials for you to give a try!

I’m so happy I got to chat with Anna for a bit and ask her all about her journey into becoming a talented Macrame artist and teacher.

Become a Macrame Pro

Anna’s easy-to-follow and step-by-step project tutorials are perfect for beginners and more intermediate makers.

Whether you want to make a boho wall hanging, cute dog toys, or a gorgeous Macrame chandelier, Anna’s got you covered!

Become a Macrame Pro with Anna Baginova from Youtube Channel uzliky

And if you’re not sure where to get started with Macrame, you can check out Anna’s complete series that covers all the basics such as tools, skills, and everything you need to know about Macrame cords (videos listed below).

Meet our talented Macrame Teachers

Meet our amazing Featured Macrame Teachers and discover their best beginner-friendly step-by-step free video tutorials.

Meet Anna from uzliky

Hi everyone! My name is Anna (find me here on Instagram) and I’m a Macrame enthusiast who lives in the Czech Republic.

What was your process in becoming a Macrame artist?

The first time I saw Macrame was in an interior design video as a side project for a living room redecoration. I immediately thought to myself that’s something I want to try one day!

That day came about four years later when I was feeling particularly restless and really wanted to create something with my hands. I instantly fell in love with Macrame.

Become a Macrame Pro with Anna Baginova from Youtube Channel uzliky

It was so soothing and rewarding and I felt so much joy and creativity while working with the cords. There was no question that macrame was going to become my new hobby!

That first project was a relatively small wall hanging but soon after I made a much larger one that tested my patience and skills a lot more.

What are some of your favorite Macrame projects to work on?

To this day Macrame wall hangings are probably my favorite projects although chandeliers are definitely right there up next to them.

Become a Macrame Pro with Anna Baginova from Youtube Channel uzliky

In general, I’m more drawn to do bigger pieces that are more of a statement and create more of the wow effect.

But then again, the bigger the piece the longer it takes and time is often a luxury for me so sometimes I need to make compromises too.

Where do you find inspiration for your next Macrame project?

Whatever the project is, the one thing that is constant in my process is that I want to explore and be creative.

So I always start a new project with curiosity – what is the thing that I want to try next?

Become a Macrame Pro with Anna Baginova from Youtube Channel uzliky

Is it a new color? A new type of cord? A new knot? Dying the cords? Painting the dowel? The endless sea of possibility is what gets me so excited every time I’m getting ready to make a new Macrame piece.

Tell us about your YouTube channel!

My love of that creative process is why I’ve decided to start my YouTube channel uzliky. I want to share my creative ideas in the hopes that they will inspire other people. And so far it seems to be working!

Become a Macrame Pro with Anna Baginova from Youtube Channel uzliky

It’s amazing to see all the positivity and support coming through the comments. I’ve also come to appreciate that Macrame means different things for different people and it can have an incredibly positive influence on our mental health as well.

What are your best tips for beginners?

If you’ve never tried Macrame before, give it a go! There is a reason why it’s becoming so popular again… it’s a great creative outlet!

It can be a bit overwhelming at first so I have done a short series for all the Macrame newbies on my channel which takes you through what skills and supplies you need, how to choose the right cord, and how to measure cords for your project:

Starting with Macrame – Supplies & Skills

YouTube video

Startint with Macrame – Macrame Cord Guide

YouTube video

Starting with Macrame – Top 5 Tools

YouTube video

Macrame Tutorials

Are you ready to get creative? Here are 10 amazing Macrame tutorials for you to get started with! We can’t wait to see your beautiful creations!

DIY Macrame Berry Knot Wall Hanging

YouTube video

DIY Easy Modern Macrame Wall Hanging

YouTube video

DIY Colorful Macrame Wall Hanging

YouTube video

DIY Modern Macrame Chandelier

YouTube video

DIY Large Boho Macrame Wall Hanging

YouTube video

DIY Geometric Macrame Wall Hanging

YouTube video

DIY Two-Colored Macrame Wall Hanging

YouTube video

DIY Macrame Chandelier

YouTube video

DIY Macrame Wall Hanging with Beads

YouTube video

DIY Macrame Spring Wreath Pattern

YouTube video

More Unique Macrame Patterns

Make sure to follow Anna on Instagram so you never miss out on any new tutorials!

Do you need more inspiration for your next Macrame project? Check out all our free and unique Macrame patterns for beginners and beyond!

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