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November Monthly Macrame Challenge – Easy Macrame Hat Hanger by Marloes Ratten

November Monthly Macrame Challenge - Easy Hat Hanger by Marloes Ratten

Who’s ready for a fun new Monthly Macrame Challenge? This November we’re learning the basics of how to make a simple Macrame hat hanger so you can create your own beautiful designs!

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November Monthly Macrame Challenge

For our November challenge, we’re making one of my own original Macrame patterns and I’m so excited to see all your beautiful creations!

Super Easy DIY Macrame Hat Hanger for Beginners

This challenge is focused on teaching you the basics of making a Macrame hat hanger. You are free to alter the pattern as you please and you can use your own favorite Macrame cords and colors.

Macrame Hat Hanger by Marloes Ratten

Are you ready to get started? Watch my tutorial below and learn how to make a handy Macrame hat hanger!

YouTube video

Supplies Macrame Hat Hanger:

Make sure to adjust your cord measurements when using a different type of cord or different cord thickness than the tutorial suggests.

Instructions Macrame Hat Hanger:

Step 1: Fold your six cords in half and attach them to your ring with a lark’s head knot.

Step 2: Split up your cords into 3 sections and make around 15 square knots on each row.

Step 3: Braid the three sections together and end it with a gathering knot.

Step 4: Split up your cords into 2 sections, skip some length and add 2 square knots to both.

Step 5: Now fit your hat and make a second gathering knot to finish off your project.

How to join our November Monthly Macrame Challenge

  1. Join our Monthly Macrame Challenge Facebook Group and watch the tutorial provided in this post.
  2. Follow Macrame for Beginners on Instagram and subscribe to Macrame for Beginners on YouTube.
  3. Upload a photo of your gorgeous hat hanger in the Monthly Macrame Challenge Facebook Group with the hashtags #novembermacramechallenge + #monthlymacramechallenge.

Share your project on Instagram with the hashtag #monthlymacramechallenge and tag @macrameforbeginners for a shout-out!

I can’t wait to see your beautiful creations! Need some help with your project? You can ask me all your questions in our Monthly Macrame Challenge Facebook Group by tagging Marloes Ratten!

Happy Knotting

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