Learn how to make your own gorgeous Macraweave with this amazingly detailed 1-hour free Sea of Cortez Macraweave Wall Hanging Tutorial by Fibers of Mine!

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Macraweave Wall Hanging Tutorial

Have you always dreamed of making your own colorful Macraweave wall hanging? Then you will LOVE this detailed and helpful 1-hour free Macraweave Wall Hanging tutorial for beginners by Sasha of Fibers of Mine!

Beautiful Sea of Cortez Macraweave Wall Hanging Tutorial by Fibers of Mine 2 - Macrame for Beginners Patterns

Sasha will go into depth about all weaving and macrame techniques used in her Sea of Cortez Macraweave wall hanging, which means you can get started with your own designs right away!

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Macraweave Wall Hanging Tutorial – Part 1

Learn all techniques used in the Sea of Cortez Macraweave wall hanging and watch parts 1 and 2 (below) of this amazing tutorial here!

In this tutorial you’ll learn:

  • How to attach cords to the top dowel
  • How to incorporate multiple dowels
  • How to create a wave
  • How to create a braid
  • How to cut the fringe
  • How to add a row of Rya Knots
  • How to add color to your Macraweave
  • How to clean up loose ends of cord on the back of your Macraweave
  • How to brush and cut your fringe in shape
  • How to add color to your fringe

Macraweave Wall Hanging Tutorial – Part 2

In this tutorial you’ll learn:

  • How to add a twining weaving stitch to the top of the wave
  • How to add a twining weaving stitch to the bottom of the wave
  • How to add short Rya Knots
  • How to add rowing with a Soumak Stitch
  • How to add a Tabby Waving Stitch with cord
  • How to add a Soumak Weave with cord
  • How to add more color shapes using the Twining Technique

Materials Needed for Macraweave Wall Hanging

The dimensions of the finished piece shown in the tutorial are 12” wide x 23” long. For this project, you’ll need the following supplies:

  • One 12“ long dowel ¾” in diameter
  • Two 12” dowels ¼” in diameter
  • 15 pieces of 3mm natural single-strand Macrame cords – about 5 feet long
    You will need about 3 feet more to use as leads for your waves. And even more, if you plan to use some of the natural colors for the weaving parts
  • 5 to 7 colors of 4mm or 3 mm colorful cords
    Sasha offers the same colorful 4 mm color cords 100 feet spools in her Etsy shop, which is more than enough for this project.
  • Wool or vegan/synthetic rowing to go with your color cord.
    You can use bulky handspun art yarn or you can even experiment with velvet, silk, or cotton ribbons to create more interesting textures.

Happy Knotting

We hope this educational tutorial will spark some ideas in you so that you can now design some of your own elements and wall hangings.

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Happy Knotting!


Sasha & Marloes

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