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If you enjoy making Macrame dreamcatchers and wall hangings, you’ll love Rebecca’s YouTube channel Vanir Creations.

Rebecca’s fun tutorials are super easy to follow and teach you how to make your own dreamy Macrame decor!




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Visit Vanir Creations webshop and discover her amazing DIY Macrame kits, colorful crystals, hoops, and other dreamcatcher supplies!

    Rebecca's Book Elemental Macrame

    Did you know Rebecca recently launched her very first amazing Macrame book?

    Elemental Macrame comes with 20 gorgeous patterns to combine your love for Macrame with crystals. Enjoy Macrame in a new intentional spiritual light and get the book today!

    Vanir Creations Elemental Macrame Book

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      How to get started with Macrame - Main Guide for Beginners

      New to macrame? no worries!

      Did you know most gorgeous Macrame projects you see online are created with just the 3 basic knots?

      Discover my Macrame for Beginners Guides and let me teach you all the basics to help you get started with Macrame without feeling overwhelmed!

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